Why A PlayStation 3?

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by Lori Cunningham

As many of you know, I was asked to become a member of the new PlayStation Family bloggers group*.  Last month I met up with many of my favorite mom tech bloggers up in Foster City, CA at the PlayStation headquarters.  Besides playing my teen-aged nephew a couple of times with his bang ’em up and shoot ’em games, I had never played PlayStation much  before.
I had always mapped PlayStation in my mind as a console for the hardcore video gamer.  PlayStation will continue to be thought of this way…however, they are now welcoming family players with their new line of family and kid-oriented games.
Demonstrating Sony’s committment to families, Sony Entertainment CEO Jack Tretton himself addressed our mom tech blogger group.  Tretton is a family man himself with kids ages 20, 16, and 13, all of which grew up in a gaming family household.
Tretton stressed the benefits of the PlayStation 3 over other game consoles:

 Blue-Ray Player – PlayStation 3 is the only system to include a HD Blu-ray player that can also play regular DVDs and even music CD’s.  Which means you can get rid of that extra Blu-ray player in your family room, one less device to clutter things up.

Amped Up Hard Drive Space – PlayStation is emphasized as an entertainment system which is why it includes the Blu-ray player and a minimum of 160 GB hard drive to download not only games but TV shows, movies, home videos, music, and pictures as well.
Free Online Community – Joining and visiting the PlayStation Network (PSN) online through your console is free, there are no monthly costs.  In addition, there are many free games you can play with other PSN members.  There is a monthly cost to go into XBox’s online world.
Baseball Anyone?  PlayStation 3, like other consoles, offers Netflix, Hulu, and other online apps.  However, PlayStation 3 is the only console to offer access to MLB, offering the latest baseball games nationwide.  There is the
 normal cost associated with these services, to gain access.
Rechargeable Batteries Built-in PlayStation 3 utilizes rechargeable batteries in the regular and Move controllers and utilize the USB ports to charge them.  No more wasted batteries or buying after market batteries and devices to charge.  What a convenience.  And the USB cords are the normal USB to mini USB so if you have similar cords lying around from other devices, you can charge more than one controller at a time.

 Faster Response with Move The relatively new Move system enables movements to be tracked by camera which correspond to the game.  The Move is Sony PlayStation 3’s entrance into the booming motion tracking gaming arena.  Sony has found that holding a controller makes your movements more accurate and with less latency the XBox’ Kinect.

Home Grown Games from an Entertainment Powerhouse Sony produces roughly 25% of their own gaming titles ensuring that PlayStation offers great entertaining titles that no other platform can provide.

We were given an overview of the features on the PlayStation, most notably the online movie, TV Shows, and music options.   I’ve always been a fan of streaming my photos and music from my computer.  With PlayStation 3’s DLNA compliance, all networked devices automatically show up and selecting pictures or music to stream from your computers is easy.  You can even customize different looks for your photo slide shows.

PS3 Facts:

o   3 generation product – PlayStation 1,2, and now 3

o   Future proof – Blu-ray built in before standard confirmed

o   Blu-ray player

o   Built-in hard high capacity drive

o   Hi-def 1080p gaming and movies

o   Wi-Fi, PlayStation Network

o   over 50,000 units soldo   HDMI

o   480m software units worldwide

o  PS3 popularity continues to grow


A Mom’s Perspective

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with the PlayStation 3.  As I stated previously, I’ve always thought of the PlayStation as a device for serious gamers, especially teens and men in their early 20’s-30’s.  But as I become more familiar with the PlayStation, I see a lot more potential for families.

I have enjoyed playing with the PlayStation 3 this past month.  Admittedly, there are too many options on the normal controllers, which makes it confusing when trying to play a game like Ratchet & Clank, a new multi-galactic comic adventure for kids 10 and over.  But in time, I’ll get used to what button does what.

I now understand Sony’s premise for the PlayStation 3 – that it is meant to be a family entertainment device providing gaming, movies, music, pictures, videos, content streaming, and convenience.  The PlayStation 3 also offers USB ports so you can plug-in and play an USB thumbstick with your latest music, pictures, or videos on the TV.  You have the choice to play right off the stick or download them onto the PlayStation 3 hard drive.

I asked some of the Sony engineers while in Foster City and found out that the USB ports work similarly to the PC.  You can use them to plug in an USB keyboard or headset for online chatting, a USB card reader so you can see your pictures from your SD card, and even an USB hub to plug in additional USB devices.  Slick.  This means you can take pictures at your kids’ soccer game and plug in the SD card in the USB card reader you plugged into your PlayStation 3 to see pictures from the game immediately. Love it.

The Sony PlayStation 3 sells for $249 for the 160GB console.  If you’re ready to graduate to a stronger performance, higher resolution console, the PlayStation 3 will bring a lot of enjoyment to your family.


*  I am a member of the PlayStation Family.  As a result, I was lent a PlayStation 3 and given several video games in exchange for my honest opinions and review.

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Mark Owen
Mark Owen

You are correct...Sony’s Playstation consoles have long been stalwarts of the gaming world. There are endless classics on the PS1 and PS2, and the PS3 is still at the cutting edge of gaming technology. So fan Club of 4SaleUSA.com are appreciating your concern.

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