Extend your Camera’s Reach and Perspective with the xshot 2.0

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by Mike Bowser


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The xshot 2.0 is the essential camera accessory for taking self pictures and video. Many times I have found myself with my wife and children in need of someone in my vicinity to take a picture of all of us together. It’s just not the same when someone in your party has to be out of the photograph in order to take the snapshot.


xshot (11)

 The xshot 2.0 is a simple tool.  At first glance, it might not seem like much.  But once you take it out of it’s packaging and extend its telescopic arm, you’ll begin to see how the xshot 2.0 is so unique. Product Features:

  • Built in tripod adapter at the bottom to attach to a tripod
  • So small it fits in your pocket or purse
  • Eliminate awkward self-portrait photos by taking them at arms length
  • Max camera weight 1.2lbs

Often times when out with the  family, you need to ask a stranger to take a picture for your family for you.  Of course, from time to time,  you have the thought in your head, who am I handing my camera over to especially when your in an unfamiliar foreign country. Fear not, for the xshot gives you a way to attach your still camera or video camera for self portraits. Most cameras come with a standard screw hole (1/4-20) on the bottom for mounting tripods or the xshot for stability. I attached my Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera for my testing.

xshot (13)

    My camera attached very easily to the mount screw with a little wheel that helps to tighten and secure your camera without fear of it falling off the pedestal.  I really like the knob on the side that lets you adjust the angle of the camera on the mount increasing your picture taking radius with the xshot. The attached lanyard also keeps your camera secure while taking pictures.

xshot (12)

  The pole is easily extracted and contracted and has a range of 37 inches extended and closes to 9 inches and feels very sturdy from any kind of bending.

xshot (5)            xshot (3)

The xshot fit nicely in my pocket at our families blue and gold scouting event where I took a number of pictures below as well as other pictures of us out and about.


xshot (2)           xshot (10)

xshot (9)           xshot (8)

xshot (7)           xshot (6)

A Dad’s Perspective

Overall the xshot is a very nice addition to any photographers accessories and is easily stored with its compact design. I received a lot of positive feedback from friends and family when I used it wanting to know where I got it and what a great idea this device was. I really liked taking pictures from high above the crowd where you normally would be looking through the backside of peoples heads at a concert or your child’s performance.

I wish I would have had this on my Florida trip last year as I could have taken some great pictures of the different speakers at the Star Wars convention  I went to. One addition that would be costly but could also be very cool would be a little view screen on the handle that could show you what the camera’s view looked like when the picture was being taken. One difficulty I found using the xshot was trying to get the right angle with my camera when taking a picture, but with a little practice my pictures improved. You can see on some of my pictures where I’m holding the xshot and I think the better pictures are where you can’t tell I’m holding the xshot.


The xshot 2.0 is available at Adorama Camera store new for $19.95 with free shipping. You can also get it at Amazon.com for $24.95 plus free super saver shipping. This is a great deal!  Take advantage of it!




*  I was given a xshot 2.0 in exchange for my opinion.  All thoughts are my own.

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