Walmart Savings Catcher, You’re Gonna Love This!

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Walmart Savings Catcher
8/20/14 UPDATE:  I’ve now saved a total of $17.88!  I love Savings Catcher!
As one of the Walmart Moms, I find myself shopping at Walmart all the time.  I consider myself a thrifty, or shall I say savvy shopper, so buying my groceries at Walmart is in line with my shopping style.  Walmart strives to bring the masses everyday low pricing…and they don’t just say it, they mean it.  I know based on my experience in working with them.


Shopping around for the  best prices on groceries through weekly ads can be exhausting…and for some, they have mastered this art, yet it involves a lot of personal time shopping around.  With Walmart’s new program called Savings Catcher, which debuts August 4th, there is no longer a need to shop several stores to get  the best prices.


I have been using a sneak peak version of Savings Catcher now for a little less than two months and I LOVE it.  After you have bought your groceries, Walmart will comb through local advertised products and compare them against the items you just purchased at Walmart.  If the price is lower at another store, Walmart will pay you the difference on an  e-gift card!  Isn’t that cool?


Most of the times, Walmart’s products are less, but in the three receipts I have submitted, I have gotten money back each time!  The money Walmart pays me can be transferred into a  e-gift card to spend at Walmart.  So now, you can feel very comfortable that you’re receiving the lowest price for your groceries.

Walmart Savings Catcher

How To Use Savings Catcher

Once Savings Catcher becomes available on August 4th, there are two ways to enter your receipt into the SavingsCatcher.com website.  First, go to the SavingsCatcher.com and create an account.  Then, go shopping at Walmart.  After your shop, you have two choices:
1.)  Download the Walmart app (Android, iPhone) and open the app.
  • Click on the Savings Catcher menu item on the Walmart app’s main screen.
  • Click on “Scan a Receipt.”
  • Focus the scanner over the long barcode under “# Items Sold” to scan in your receipt.
  • You will automatically be transferred to SavingsCatcher.com to log on, if you’re not already logged on.
  • Enter in the date of your shopping trip, located below the barcode.
  • Walmart Savings Catcher will notify you within a few days after they have scanned your purchases versus it’s competitor’s advertised prices in your neighborhood.

 *  Note:  You can add your receipt into Savings Catcher as soon as you are handed your receipt.  I always do it on the spot so I don’t forget to do it later.

2.)  Go to SavingsCatcher.com and login to your account.

Walmart Savings Catcher

  • Within the “Enter New Receipt” box, enter the TC# just above the long bar code at the end of your receipt.
  • Enter the date of your shopping trip, just below the long barcode.
  • Click on Enter.
  • You will receive notification from Walmart once your receipt has been compared to local competitors’ advertised prices.
After you enter your receipt, Savings Catcher will render a copy of the receipt digitally, right on your screen.  You can always go back to the Savings Catcher website and look at it.  So you’re probably asking, “does it really work?”  I’m happy to say yes it does.  Here is the summary of my account after submitting 3 receipts:
Walmart Savings Catcher


As you can see from my account, I received under $2 for my first two submitted receipts and a little over $3 for my third receipt!  That’s a savings of $6.46 so far!


Walmart Savings Catcher


Above is my latest receipt, and biggest savings so far!  The top two items were Oscar Mayer Lunchables Uploaded packs for my kids and the last item was a 12 pack of Sprite.
In evaluating all three of my receipts, Walmart compared my shopping trip to these stores:
  • Target
  • Sprouts
  • Albertsons
  • Vons
  • Stater Bros.
  • Ralphs
  • Meijer
  • Dollar General
It will be totally free to use Savings Catcher.  Unfortunately, there is no app for it, but I believe it will eventually be included as a part of the Walmart app.  If you haven’t downloaded the app, you should look into it, it’s very useful.  You can be in the store, click on the magnifying glass or search box and click on the scanner to scan any product in the store to get the price, a great feature I use often.
Family Technology at it's Best


A Mom’s Perspective

If you are an avid grocery ads watcher, a thrifty shopper (like me), or you just love getting money rebates back, Walmart’s Savings Catcher is a must do!  After just three receipts, I’ve saved $6.46 and who knows how much gas money I would have used going from store to store to get the best advertised deal.  Savings Catcher gives you comfort that you’re getting the best price on products you buy at Walmart, no matter what is being advertised elsewhere.
Savings Catcher is just one more way Walmart is committing to giving their customers the lowest possible price.  Be ready, Savings Catcher will be available to everyone August 4th!
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108 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 6 Google+ 1 StumbleUpon 0 Pin It Share 100 LinkedIn 1 Email -- Filament.io 108 Flares ×
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