5 Great Gadgets for Moms on Mother’s Day 2015

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gadgets for moms

I know no other great joy in any of the roles that I’ve played than being a mom.  I’ll never forget the day my daughter was born.  After 5 years of infertility, our prayers had been answered.  Read my story here.  As I held my precious daughter in my arms I realized that my new role as mother would never leave me.  I, along with my husband, was responsible for nourishing her, keeping her out of danger’s way, encouraging her to grow (physically, mentally, and spiritually), and be her biggest cheerleader.  Though these thoughts overwhelmed me at first, I was ready for the challenge.

I have loved motherhood but have had lots of help from family, friends, and devices along the way.  Today, there is a plenitude of gadgets out there to make life easier for moms.

This year’s Mother’s Day 5 Great Gadgets for Moms guide provides solutions to make a mom’s life more efficient or more enjoyable.  All five items are unique and you may not have seen them before in the marketplace, as every one of them just came out this year.  Enjoy!


Perfect Bake

Perfect BAke

Perfect Bake makes baking easier…and more fun.  Perfect Bake comes with a food scale, 3 different-sized brightly colored bowls, an iPad/tablet holder, an oven thermometer, a 3.5mm cable to connect to your phone or tablet, and a free app for Android or iOS.  It saves time and hassle in the kitchen by allowing you to pour/place ingredients directly into the bowl on the scale.  Perfect Bake measures your ingredients by weight so you will have no need for your measuring spoons and measuring cups any longer.

Use one of hundreds of Perfect Bake recipes or add your own and it will translate your recipe into weight needed.  Never get lost in a recipe again as Perfect Bake walks you through the steps of the recipe.  Easy for kids to bake and less clean up for Mom, Perfect Bake is sure to be a hit with moms this Mother’s Day.

Perfect Bake sells for $46.10 plus free shipping through Amazon.


Cellulon Pico Projector

Celluon PicoAir

Now you can watch your picture slideshows, Internet videos, and Netflix movies anywhere you want…even on your ceiling!  With Cellulon’s new innovative Pico projectors, you can get laser sharp projections from your phone or tablet on any surface.  Cellulon’s Pico projectors always remain in focus, so you never have to fuss with focusing.  Celluon’s new PicoAir (for Android) and PicoPro (for iOS/Apple) projects are the only laser-based HD pico projectors on the market.  Their image quality and brightness is stunning.  And, you can also connect your Pico to your 8.1 Windows laptop wirelessly too.

Display images and video on the wall, garage door, or side of your RV with remarkable HD 16:9 wide screen clarity, boasting a 80,000:1 contrast ratio and 1.67M colors (translation= awesome!).  Don’t have a projector in your office?  Wish you had a TV in your bedroom?  Would love to have a swim-in movie night?   The Celluon PicoAir or PicoPro is all you need

These two great pico projects are great gadgets for moms…and families!

The PicoPro with a HDMI input, sells for$349.99 and the PicoAir sells $299.99 at Amazon.com with free shipping.


Pearl USB Compact

Hyper Pearl Compact

Portable chargers are all the rage right now.  With as much as we use our phones, it’s hard to get through the day without needing to charge.  Often times, securing a plug and time to charge your phone is not possible.  Moms love to multi-task and the new Pearl from Hyper is designed with this in mind.  The Pearl is a 3,000mAh USB Battery pack that can charge your smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth speaker  when power is rapidly draining.  But more than that the Pearl is also a stylish compact mirror offering a regular mirror, a 3X magnification mirror, and a LED ring night for applying make-up in the dark.

The Pearl comes with a nice color-coordinated pouch and features a magnetic closure, metalicized paint (for the gold and silver versions), and made of a lightweight material so it doesn’t weigh down a purse.  Offered in Red, Gold, and Silver, the Pearl USB Compact is available for $39.50 plus free shipping at Amazon.


GoBe Body Manager 

GoBe Body Manager

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know how many calories you consumed and how many calories you burned…without having to enter in an app or journal everything you ate for the day?  And wouldn’t be great if you knew if your body needed to be more hydrated?  The GoBe Body Manager does just that.   The GoBe Body Manager helps to give a fuller assessment of your day-to-day status by measuring your hydration levels, heart rate, sleep, stress level, calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled…and how many calories you consumed?  Sounds amazing, doesn’t?

The GoBe was just introduced this year and with its handy app, you will have important measurements at your fingertips to assess how you can do more exercise or eat less to meet your calorie goals.  The GoBe by HealBe sells on their website  for $299.99 plus shipping.


Mira Fitness Tracker

Mira Fitness Tracker

Moms love fitness trackers, they are a great way to evaluate how many steps she had for the day or how far she ran.  But today’s trackers are a fashion disaster.  Most are plastic and are quite noticeable with their black or bright color design.  Enter Mira, one of the first fitness trackers that integrates beauty and design with helpful information to get you moving.  This versatile tracker comes in two elegant finishes, Midnight Purple and Brushed Gold.  Wear throughout the day or unclip the tracker from the bracelet for discrete wearing clipped onto your clothing or in your pocket.

Mira Fitness Tracker tracks your steps, distance, calories, and elevation.  Its free app helps you evaluate when you took the most steps, helps you track calories, and makes helpful hints to motivate you to do more in the day.  The Mira Fitness Tracker’s rechargeable battery can last up to 5 days before it needs charging.

The Mira Fitness Tracker sells for $169 plus shipping directly from the Mira website.  Compatible with iPhone® 4S and above, iPad® (3rd generation and above), iPad miniTM, iPad touch® (5th Generation and above), iOS 7 and above, and Bluetooth 4.0.


What did you think?  Some great gadgets  for mom that will sure to make her smile.  Want some more ideas?  Check out our 5 Top Gadgets for Moms from last year.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Enjoy these days with your kids, they grow so fast!

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