Interact With Your Pet While You Are Away With the Petzi Treat Cam!

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Check in with Your Pet While at Work!

If you are like most pet owners, you wonder what Fido does all day while you are at work.  Hopefully, he is not ripping apart your pillows or eating your baseboards!  Now you can check in with your dog or cat throughout the day with a new product called the Petzi Treat Cam

Petzi is a camera unit that hangs on your wall and connects to your WiFi.  Using the Petzi smartphone app (iTunes, Google Play), you can connect to the camera to check in with your favorite fur baby.  Additionally, you can send voice messages and TREATS through the unit.  Yes – you can drop your pet a treat through your smartphone!



See, Speak, Snap, Treat

SEE.  I tested the Petzi Treat Cam out with my dog, Sky.  I wanted to first test out the camera.  For best use, try to find an outlet that shows a larger area of where your dog might be during the day.  

We have a great room, so I actually put the camera in the hallway, knowing she passes through there throughout the day and often plops down on the cooler floor.  The camera delay seems to be about 10-15 seconds.  I was able to see Sky clearly through the camera.


SPEAK.  The app also allows users to record a voice message and send it through the unit.  On the app camera screen, users press and hold the microphone button to record the entire message.  My message went something like this, “Hi Sky!  Are you being a good girl?  Yes, you are!” 

Of course this was all said in my most obnoxious puppy dog voice.  Sometimes I would throw in a more firm , “Get off the couch!”  Sky seemed a bit confused as to where I was, but it was fun being able to interact with her.

SNAP. On the app, while watching through the camera, Petzi created a snap button, which allows you to take pictures of your pet through the on-board camera.  Not only can you snap pictures, you can share them with the Petzi community!  

The Petzi community forum allows pet lovers to share their favorite pictures and brag on their pets to others who appreciate the bond between a pet and his owner.  You can browse other pet pictures and meet pet owners around the globe.


TREAT.  The Pretzi Treat Cam allows users to dispense a small treat to their pets.  In order for the teats to fit in the unit, they must be pretty small, about an inch big.


Sky is a big dog, so for her, although she loved the treat, it was almost like she was saying, “what is this trickery?”  Still, it is pretty awesome to be able to give her a treat for behaving well while we are not home.

Online Community

Not only does the Petzi app allow you to check in on your pet, you are able to connect with a global pet community.  With the Petzi app, you can see other cute pets, discuss pet issues and show off you favorite animals.  The app lets you browse by new arrivals, most popular, or you can sort by Just Dogs or Just Cats.  You can give an “AWWW” or a custom comment on any pet picture posted. 





• Easy to check-in and interact with your pet from any smart phone or tablet
• Allows you to See, Speak, Snap, and Treat your pet when you are away from home
• Wide-angle camera with night vision
• High-quality audio
• Universal treat launcher, good for use with any dry, crunchy treat smaller than 1 inch
• Easy to set up
• Ability to interact with a global pet community


• Treats are quite small
• Camera does not pan around the room
• Pets cannot see you

Pretzi Treat Cams can be purchased on Amazon for $169.99.


Family Technology at it's Best

A Mom’s Perspective

Petzi Treat Cam is a must for Fur parents.  This is a great tool for those who work outside of the house to be able to keep an eye on their beloved pets.  I enjoy being able to see Sky even when I am not home.  Sending her a voice recording helps ease her mind that we are still around. Perhaps you can even prevent a doggie disaster with the pillows! 





*I was given a Petzi Treat Cam for my honest review of the product.  All opinions are my own.




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Oh my gosh! I need one of these! Thanks for the review! 

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