The New Face of the Samsung Smartwatch

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Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch S2


We are big Samsung Gear Watch fans.  We had the original Samsung Gear Watch back in 2013.  The Samsung Gear Smartwatch has changed over the years, it has gotten smaller and more stylish.  It is also the reason why I started wearing a watch again.  Is all the fun technology worth wearing a watch again?  

In our previous article, 5 Reasons to Wear a Watch Again, we pointed out some of the reasons wearing a Samsung Gear Smartwatch is helpful.  With Samsung’s latest introduction, the Samsung Gear S2 watch, some of these smartwatch features have been removed, namely the built-in camera and the ability to answer and make calls directly from your wrist (through Bluetooth, however it is possible to make calls with the 3G version).  Instead, you can dial or pick up a call from your watch but need to use your phone to complete the call.

Although I miss the camera/video capabilities, I have really been enjoying the new Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch.  For one, it is a beautiful watch. Unlike any of the Samsung Watch predecessors as well as the Apple Watch, the Gear S2 is round!  


My Favorite Things on the Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch


Style…It’s Round!

The Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch has many things going for it.  First, it has real style.  Unlike any other smartwatch on the market, the Samsung Gear S2 is round…and it looks great on my small-framed wrist.  Albeit, still a little big, it’s not nearly as big as the rectangular Samsung predecessor smartwatches I have been wearing. 

Gear S2 text

Doesn’t it look great?  With it’s stainless steel look and assortment of watch bands, you can really have a cool looking watch.  Or if you prefer a more polished classical look, you can upgrade and get the Gear S2 smartwatch in Platinum or Rose Gold.


Navigation – It’s Fun!

To make getting around the watch super efficient, Samsung has created a rotating bevel that navigates you through the latest messages, open apps, and settings.  The Gear S2 smartwatch touchscreen screen further simplifies the navigation process to help you find what you are looking for.

Samsung Gear S 2 smartwach WCM (2)

I often circulate through different screens easily using the rotating bevel.  Especially when traveling, I could easily cycle through my messages, the current time where I was, the time back home, my calendar (I kept forgetting which day it was), the convenient currency converter…and checking my steps for the day, etc.


Watch Faces…Most are Free!

The apps available to personalize your Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch run the gamut from Iron Man, Star Wars, Peanuts, Garfield, to World Travel watches, gear-looking watches, and other classical looks.  You can even get a Pokemon Go watchface now!

Samsung Gear S 2 smartwach WCM (5)

As an avid Snoopy lover, I was delighted to download 7 free Snoopy watch faces.  They are animated, so every once-in-awhile, Snoopy does something cute.  I have downloaded well over 30 great watch faces…and all of them free.  Of course, there are many watch faces available for a fee, but I have plenty of selection with the free ones.


Helpful Apps…Especially Great for Travel!

We recently came back from a big family vacation to China and Japan.  My Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch was invaluable in many ways…it helped me to stay calm, collected, and cool while bargaining in China.

Samsung Gear S 2 smartwach WCM (7)

I found the free Currency app to be a perfect tool in bargaining for finds in China or deciphering prices in Japan.


Gear S2 weather

The free Weather app help me decide how to dress and whether I needed to pack our rain slickers for rainy season in the Orient.


Samsung Gear S 2 smartwach WCM (4)

I found the heartbeat monitor to be a great distraction while waiting in super  long rides at the new Disney Shanghai…as well as the free Magic 8 ball app.  (See our Instagram account for pics of the new Disney Shanghai!) My kids had a great time asking the Magic 8 ball questions like, “will we ever get through this line????”


Samsung Gear S 2 smartwach WCM (3)

The free Yelp app is great for finding popular restaurants, the free HERE app gave gives great directions for car, public transport, or walking, the World clock let me know the time in Shanghai, versus Tokyo, versus Los Angeles, and of course, with not wanting to miss a thing at Disney Shanghai and Disney Tokyo, I enjoyed keeping track of my steps on the included steps tracker.


Although Samsung doesn’t have all the apps of the Apple Watch store, the number of apps continues to grow and bring value to the wearer.  Samsung recently came out with Samsung Pay which allows you to swipe your watch near a checkout customer terminal to pay for your shopping items.  

Another of my favorites is the free Voxer app which allows me to walkie-talkie other Voxer users no matter where I am around the world…for free.  Love Voxer!


The Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch battery lasts throughout the day.  There have only been a few occasions where it didn’t last, and when the battery is wearing down, it gives you the chance to turn it to grayscale so the battery lasts longer.

Samsung Gear S2 charger

People ask me, is it worth the $300 ($249.99 for the basic Gear S2 + $39.99 for the wireless charger) to have a connected smartwatch?  

My answer is, if you like technology and you like technology shortcuts that make life a little easier, than yes, it’s worth it.  I love that I don’t need to reach for my phone all the time.  My phone battery lasts longer now because I’m catching most of my notifications and messages on my watch.

I also like that I can read and send preset messages to family easily and with minimal effort.  I can check messages a little more discreetly than getting my phone out of my purse.  Or, because the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch uses WiFi too, I can be upstairs and leave my phone charging downstairs…and still get my messages on my smartwatch!

I love that I can access Yelp to figure out quickly where to eat.  I can even check on my bids on eBay.  I don’t use my Gear S2 all the time throughout the day, but when I need it, it’s close at hand, and I like that.  

Oh and did I mention it has a Find My Phone app too?  At a larger conference, I once lost my phone.  I pressed this button a number of times.  Apparently, someone who was about to speak found it but had to give a presentation before she could turn it in.  

Guess who kept interrupting her speech with loud ringing from my phone?  Oops!  During her presentation, she asked someone to take the phone to Lost and Found.  It worked!  🙂

Samsung Gear S2 Pokemon Go

And can you guess what my new watch face is?  It’s a hit with my kids!

Are you a smartwatch wearer?  Which smartwatch do you own and why do you like it?



 *    I was given a Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch for evaluation and consideration.  All opinions are my own.


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