Preventing Cracked Screens with Glass Screen Protectors

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BODYGUARDZ glass screen protectors


I remember how excited I was to get my first HTC phone a number years ago, it was the HTC Amaze.  It was so cool.  Unfortunately, it only lasted 24 hours before I cracked it.  I had the phone on my lap, forgot about it, and got out of the car.  Murphy’s Law demands that of course, it would land screen down on the hard parking lot pavement.  I was devastated.

The second time I cracked the screen of a phone…it wasn’t even mine!  I was looking at my mother-in-law’s phone while we were enjoying Sprinkles Cupcakes.  Yup, I dropped it right onto the unforgiving pavement.  Ugh.

Oh, and about 4 years ago I did drop my phone again and the glass cracked…but my phone screen was intact.  How?  Because I was now using BODYGUARDZ – tempered glass screen protectors that lie right over your phone’s screen.


BODYGUARDZ Glass Screen Protectors


Protect Video

Although phone manufacturers are making phones with stronger Gorilla Glass screens, they are still vulnerable.  How many iPhones and Android phones have you seen with cracked screens?  I’ve seen plenty.

Whenever you buy a phone for yourself or for your tween/teen, we recommend you do two things:

  1.  Buy a phone case immediately to protect the phone – one with a front bumper zone – a lip that rises above the phone surface.
  2.  Add a tempered glass screen protector for added insurance of keeping your screen crack (and scratch) free.


I have used BODYGUARDZ Glass Screen Protectors for several years now.  They have graced all of my Samsung Note smartphones.  Here’s what you get with glass tempered glass screen protectors…

Benefits of BODYGUARDZ Glass Tempered Screen Protectors

  1.   Scratch-resistant
  2.   Is made of real glass and feels like a normal phone screen…without the bubbling of plastic screen protectors
  3.   Is ION strengthened – which gives you a hardness stronger than steel
  4.   Easy-to-install and precise with their unique patented system
  5.   Offers drop protection with its a .4MM tempered glass screen
  6.   Should it break, BODYGUARDZ offers low-cost, lifetime replacements
  7.   BODYGUARDZ claims that their screens offer 2 times the protection of competitor glass screens
  8.   The glass is optically clear
  9.   Has an anti-smudge coating

Sounds to good to be?  Watch this video to see the kinds of impact BODYGUARDZ Pure glass screen protectors offers you…




Putting on the BODYGUARDZ Tempered Glass Screen



The process of “installing” BODYGUARDZ is easy.  BODYGUARDZ included a suction cup to hold onto the glass screen protection so you do not get smudges on it before installing it on your phone.   Here are the steps:

  1.  Use the enclosed cloth to thoroughly clean your screen.  If you see dust, use the enclosed “dust” stickers to take it off your phone screen
  2.  Take off the plastic that says #1, then use the suction cup to hold the glass
  3.  Now take off the plastic called #2
  4.  Carefully place the glass screen protector onto your phone screen, aligning the indentations on the glass to the camera, speakers, and home button
  5.  Using the cloth, press firmly on the screen to adhere it and remove any bubbles

That’s it!



If you look closely you can see at the top of the phone where the glass indents to allow for the front camera and speaker.  It looks great!


The BODYGUARDZ PURE Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone and Samsung phones and tablets, starting from $39.95 to $59.95.  Other BODYGUARDZ tempered glass screen protectors options include Anti-Glare, SPYGLASS (so others can’t see what’s on your phone screen, only you) and more.

A Mom’s Perspective

The strongest BODYGUARDZ tempered glass screen protectors don’t come cheap, at roughly $45, you may be tempted to skip it.  But your phone is an investment you will use 2-5 years.  

We all know how expensive it is to replace an original cracked screen on a phone.  Consider BODYGUARDZ your insurance against bumps and drops in the future.

Just like you protect your phone with your case, a strong, nearly impenetrable glass screen protector can keep your phone looking good for years to come.  And the smudge proof and scratch resistance features are an added benefit!



* I was given a BODYGUARDZ glass screen protectors to use for evaluation.  All opinions are my own.

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