Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts for Moms

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Valentines Day Gifts 2017 Main


 It’s that time again…Valentine’s Day is coming up!  Moms love flowers, candy, and romance but unfortunately, these gifts are just temporary.  Moms are also practical and there are lots of great Valentine’s Day gifts out there that can have a lasting effect on Mom as she goes about her day, multitasking, working, and caring for her family.
Here are 5 of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts, ranging from $20 up to $100.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Mom


Wemo Mini Smart Plug

wemo smart plug

We are big WEMO fans.  WEMO makes home automation easy and allows you to start with one product and expand as you see the possibilities for automation throughout the home.  

We currently use the WEMO Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker, WEMO Crockpot, WEMO Mini Smart Plug, and we will be installing the WEMO Light Switch soon.

The WEMO Mini Smart Plug has a smaller footprint than the WEMO Smart Switch.  Now, you can plug something in your WEMO Smart Plug and you still have room on your outlet for another device, lamp, or appliance.

Anything you plug into the WEMO Mini Smart Plug you can control with the WEMO app on your phone or tablet.  The WEMO Smart Plug connects to your existing home WiFi to carry the signal from your phone.  Use your WEMO app to turn on or off the light, fan, kitchen appliance, heaters and more.

But the WEMO Smart Plug can do more than that.  You can also set the lamp/appliance on a timer.  My daughter has a lava lamp that she likes to turn on at night…and keeps it running all night long.  Sometimes, when she is in a hurry, she leaves it on all day while at school and I’m not even aware of it.

I used the WEMO Smart Plug to allow her to turn on her lava lamp, but I put a 4-hour timer on it, so it will automatically shut off.  Now, I don’t need to worry about the house burning down.  

You can use the timer functions to turn on lights throughout the house at different times of day too, useful when you’re on vacation.  You can control your lights from anywhere in the world.

One more important thing.  WEMO works with voice control, allowing you to voice whether you want your WEMO switch on or off through integrations with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, pretty swift, huh?

Mom will love the easy control she has with her appliances using the WEMO Mini Smart  Switch.  Whether controlling her electronic blanket, the heater under her desk, her upright fan in the family room, or lights throughout the house, the WEMO Mini Smart Switch will be one of her valued Valentine’s Day gifts.


The Wemo Mini Smart Plug is available on Amazon for $34.99 plus shipping.



Ventev Wallport r430 Charger


We are big fans of Ventev.  Ventev makes all kinds of accessories for mobile devices.  
We have reviewed their mobile chargers in the past.  They understand mobile charging and their top level portable charging devices include built-in cables and a plug to easily plug into an outlet.  So often you don’t have a cable with you to charge, so Ventev works hard to make products that offer the most convenience for their customers.
The Ventev Wallport r430 Charger follows along these lines of convenience.  Is your kitchen full of chargers and cables for everyone’s phones?  There are only so many outlets.  We often have guests looking for an outlet, but some only have a cord.  The Wallport r430 uses only one of the plugs in your kitchen and can charge up to 4 phones or tablets simultaneously.
Moms will so appreciate the compactness of the device…and the fact that there will still be another plug open for a kitchen appliance.  But there’s something even more interesting about the Ventev Wallport r430.  It has three standard USB ports and one USB-C port.  
What is a USB-C port you ask? USB-C is the new emerging industry standard for cords to exchange data and power between two sources.  It’s much more powerful and has much more throughput than the latest version of the USB we are used to.  The latest MacBook Pro uses it…and so do a handful of new robust phones.
We anticipate that the next rounds of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S will incorporate the USB-C port, although Apple enjoys immense profits from its own Lighting technology, so it’s tough to know if they’ll switch.
My husband’s LE Pro3 phone uses a USB-C phone and it charges super fast.  More devices in your home will start using USB-C, the new standard.  The Ventev Wallport r430 includes a USB-C to accommodate for those devices you will eventually have in the home but has more USB ports to accommodate your current technology.
Moms will appreciate having future proof charging technology in their home or office that accommodates the household’s charging needs at the price of only one outlet.  Thus, another one of those great Valentine’s Day gifts one will appreciate.

The Ventev Wallport r430 Charger is available at Amazon for $39.52.  Shipping extra.



MyCharge RazorPlatinum Portable Battery



Portable battery packs have grown up.  Now, some can charge both a phone and an Apple MacBook.  The MyCharge RazorPlatinum charges any USB-C laptop, which include the MacBook and other newer laptops using USB-C as its power source.

The RazorPlatinum has a 13,400mAh battery capacity with one USB-A and one USB-C output charging port. The RazorPlatinum even recharges the MacBook at the same rate as the MacBook supplied 29watt USB-C adapter, which means you can get the same amount of power with the RazorPlatinum with added portability.

With its included USB-A port, you can charge both your cellphone and your MacBook or another USB-C laptop.  Because the RazorPlatinum allows for 36 Watt output, it will be able to charge a MacBook in 100 minutes.

The RazorPlatinum’s Hyper-Charge technology can actually charge iPhones up to 30% faster than Apple’s own supplied charger.  And its Safe Cell Technology provides protection from over charging, overtemperature, and short-circuiting.

Have you had portable chargers before where you’ve charged them, but didn’t use them until a couple of weeks later…only to find the charge completely discharged?  It can be so frustrating.  The RazorPlatinum will retain up to 60% of a full charge for up to one year.

Moms will love the convenience the RazorPlatinum portable battery brings.  It powers her generosity as she shares her RazorPlatinum with other family members and friends who need a charge.  With 13,400mAh, she’ll have plenty to spare.  

And being able to take her MacBook anywhere she wants without being tied to an outlet will bring great freedom.  It’s a great Valentine’s Day gifts for a mom on-the-go.


The RazorPlatinum has an MSRP of $72.87 on Amazon plus free shipping.  



ThinOptics Reading Glasses

OK, this next Valentines Day gift idea isn’t “technology” per se, but there is a connection!  Sometime in their 40’s, most people will need the aid of reading glasses to be able to read books, menu’s, instructions on boxes or bottles…even their cellphones!  ThinOptics provides multi-strength reading glasses in a convenient form factor.
ThinOptics reading glasses are ultra-flexible, made from a titanium alloy bridge from Nitinol (which apparently is 10 times more elastic than spring steel).  This flexibility allows the reading glasses to fold up in a small sturdy case.
This handy sturdy case is adhesible to most anything you place it on.  But since most people who need reading glasses need to use them when reading their phone, the best place to stick the sturdy reader’s case to is their cellphone or tablet case.  That way you always have your reading glasses handy when you read content from your device.
Better yet, it’s most likely Mom always has her phone on her to ensure she doesn’t miss any urgent calls or text messages.  Having her phone with ThinOPTICS attached, she’ll always have reading glasses handy to read documents, directions, books, and more.  It’s really a clever idea.
Moms will absolutely love the convenience of these glasses…and the style.  These stylish shatter-proof polycarbonate frames come in all sorts of colors and finishes and there are even more style choices in which sturdy case to hold the reading classes in.
You’ll notice that these reading glasses do not have side panels.  That’s because ThinOPTICS uses a flex-grip technology that allows them to open and grip any nose and provide stability and comfort even if walking.  And it doesn’t matter if Mom prefers her reading classes high or low on the nose, the flex-grip takes care of it for her.
ThinOPTICS are available in four strengths: + 1.00, 1.50, +2.00, and +2.50 (Find out the strength you need) and in many colors.  Each pair comes with a sturdy case, though more fashionable artsy cases are also available.   ThinOPTICS are available from Amazon for $19.95.  Shipping is extra.
ThinOptics are available on Amazon for $19.99 with a choice of 12 glass frame colors and an adhesible carrying case.  Shipping extra.

TOKK Hands-free Smart Speaker

Tokk Smart Speaker


Whether pushing a stroller, carrying a baby, making lunches or dinners, working at the computer, or washing the dog, Moms need an extra set of hands when a phone call comes in.  

Natural multitasker’s, Moms hate to miss a call, for fear it’s the school calling to tell her that her child is sick or perhaps a call concerning her aging parents.

The TOKK Hands-free Smart Speaker is a convenient solution that connects through Bluetooth to your phone and allows you to answer…or make calls right from TOKK.

Yes, Mom could wear one of those Bluetooth wireless mics over her ear all day, but that’s not very comfortable…or fashionable!

With just one touch of its large central button, TOKK hands-free smart speaker can receive calls.  Or Mom can make a call hands-free using voice dialing through Siri, Google Now, and Cortana.

But there’s more TOKK can do.  Moms can stream music from their phones or tablets too.  And best yet, where Mom moves, the music moves with her…as long as it is within range of the Bluetooth signals.  You can even turn the volume up and down right on the TOKK speaker.

So how does TOKK attach?  It has a built-in magnetic clip that flips over the side of a shirt, lapel, etc.  It works pretty well unless you’re holding something that might break the magnetic force, like a bag over your shoulder.

The TOKK Hands-free Speaker can last around 40 hours on standby and up to 4 hours of continuous use.  It takes approximately 1 hour to charge.  TOKK will be one of Mom’s Valentine’s Day gifts she’ll use a lot.



The TOKK Hands-free Smart Speaker is available in black, red, and white on Amazon for $49.99 with free shipping.



One of the big pluses about these fun Valentine’s Day gifts, is that they help Mom have more control over things as well as assist her multitasking tendencies.  Anytime you can help make Mom’s management of the family easier, you’re helping her and her family out.




 *   We were given each of these items to review for possible inclusion in our Valentine’s Day Gifts Guide.  All opinions (and choices) are our own.

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