Watching Your Heart Health

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Heart health is important.  Did you know that heart disease is the number 1 killer among women?  Heart disease kills 1 out of every 3 women.  

Wearing red is a great way to raise awareness for Heart Awareness Month, but unless you actually take the time to educate yourself on heart health, you could be high risk for heart disease without even knowing it. 

Heart Attack Signs To Watch Out For


  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • pain in the arm, jaw, or back
  • tiredness
  • feeling light-headed
  • having cold sweats

There are some factors that you can’t change (age, gender, heredity). 

However, there are certain factors that you can help minimize to improve your heart health:

  • high blood pressure
  • low activity level
  • obesity
  • smoking  

Talking to your doctor about your risk factors is an important part of your heart health self-care.  Now imagine being able to share your blood pressure history with your doctor. 

For the average person – that isn’t even a consideration.  Most of us do not have a blood pressure monitor in our house, and even if we do – how likely are we to remember to take it regularly and record it?  With the MOCACuff, you can do all of that with ease!

The new MocaCuff is not your average blood pressure monitor.  It is worn on the wrist, takes your blood pressure within moments, and automatically records it in the corresponding app!


Heart Health Starts At Home

If you or your family has a history of bad blood pressure, artery blockages, strokes, or heart attacks, it’s a wise idea to keep track of your blood pressure at home.  

There are a number of blood pressure monitors on the market, but being able to automatically keep track of your readings on the MOCA app is a great convenience.

Since I already had a MocaCare app from a previous review I had done on the MOCAHeart, which tracks heart rate, oxygen levels, and blood flow, I was able to use the same  MOCACare app and add the new device – the MOCACuff. 

The app is fantastic because it integrates both devices into your history and shows an indication of your heart health. 

Once the app was open, it detected my MocaCuff very quickly.  When you put on the cuff, you simply Velcro it on snugly just below your wrist line. 

When you press start, you take your left hand (where the cuff is attached) and cross it over your chest so that the cuff is level with your heart.  Within a few seconds, the cuff fills with air and when it is finished the display shows your blood pressure.




The app automatically tracks the date, time and your blood pressure/ heart rate.  Additionally, it gives you a range that you fall within.  For example, when I tested out the MocaCuff right after going through the school drop-off line it was slightly raised. 

The app gave me tips on heart health, exercise,  and how to lower my stress levels.  However, when I took my blood pressure later in the day, it was completely normal.

Additionally, you can include notes for yourself or your doctor on what was happening when you took the blood pressure and how you were feeling.



  • Easy-to-use
  • Integrates with other MOCACare products
  • Affordable
  • Small & Compact
  • Easy to connect to smartphone via Bluetooth


  • There is not an ability to set reminders to take your blood pressure


MOCACuff can be purchased on the MOCA website for $59.



A Mom’s Perspective

I have two very close girlfriends who have blood pressure issues, one has high blood pressure, the other has low blood pressure. 

I spoke to them both about what they share with their doctors at their regular appointments.  Neither of them regularly monitor their blood pressure.  

They both agreed that if they had the MOCACuff, it would be much easier to track their heart health and share information with their doctors, especially to show spikes or drops in their blood pressure. 

From this mom’s perspective, heart health is so important to not only be aware of but to be proactive in caring for it in your own life.






*I was given a MOCACuff to evaluate my heart health and give my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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