A Wireless Thermometer Should Do the Trick

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wireless thermometer


We use a thermometer to take our child’s temperature, but how do you take a temperature of a room?  Growing up, my Dad had an old fashioned temperature sensor that would tell us the temperature in his room as well as a digital one that told us the temperature out on our patio.

Today, we use our phones and computers to know the temperature outside, but you don’t see thermometers inside the house too much…other than what your digital connected thermostat might tell you.

The ThermoPeanut is a smart wireless thermometer that allows you to remotely check the temperature of any location you place it in.  In fact, one ThermoPeanut can work with many ThermoPeanuts, giving you a good read on many rooms in your house from the Sense App.

Why is a wireless thermometer helpful?  Just because your room is nice and toasty during the night doesn’t mean your baby’s room is getting the same warmth.  Heating and air conditioning are often different in various parts of your house.  There is always one room that either gets too much or too little air and heat.  See our article on Keen Smart Vents to help correct this.


Uses for ThermoPeanut Wireless Thermometer

  • room temperature
  • baby’s room
  • bathroom
  • where your pets sleep
  • the temperature outside when camping
  • temperature around a campfire
  • in your cooler when camping to let you know when food might spoil from temperature changes
  • inside the refrigerator
  • inside the car – especially when the car is off


Three Ways to Monitor Your Temperature


wireless thermometer


For such a little device, it can pack a lot of punch.  After connecting ThermoPeanut to your phone via Bluetooth, you can…

  1. press the small indentation on the ThermoPeanut to instantly send the temperature to your phone
  2. in the app, press the orange circle showing the last read temperature to read the temperature again.  This is helpful for when it’s harder to reach your ThermoPeanut.  For example, if you have it in the refrigerator, you don’t have to open the fridge to take the reading
  3. don’t do anything!  The ThermoPeanut automatically takes the temperature of the place it is in every 15 minutes and sends info. to the app every time it senses your phone nearby (through Bluetooth)


ThermoPeanut Automation & Notifications


wireless thermometer

Cool, ThermoPeanut can measure the temperature in a room or place, that’s interesting, but so what?  Well, in today’s Internet of Things society, a connected wireless thermometer does so much more.

Too Hot, Too Cold
In the app, you can place thresholds so the app will notify you when ThermoPeanut senses a temperature outside of your safe range.  This is very helpful in monitoring your baby’s or child’s room and can give you peace of mind.  You can be notified on your phone and or through the ThermoPeanut’s 90dB integrated speaker.
If a small fire starts in your house, you will be notified if the temperature increases above the threshold you set.  And we all hear about how hot the inside of a parked car can get.  Now you’ll know how hot your groceries are getting while you run a quick errand into the bank. 
And if you have a Nest thermostat, you can automatically make adjustments to your air or heat, straight from the readings of your ThermoPeanut wireless thermometer.  It’s pretty cool.
 wireless thermometer
Or, with IFTTT, (If This, Then That), you can connect your WeMo plug to your ThermoPeanut to control the fan in the room or turn out your lights when connected to your Philips Hue lightbulb.


  • Measures the temperature every 15 minutes (or a custom interval)
  • Uses Bluetooth to connect to the Sense app on your phone
  • Gives you statistics showing the actual temperature in a room and the average for that room
  • Multiple phones/tablets can review the same info. from the app
  • Works with the Nest thermostat so you can automatically adjust the thermostat based on the ThemoPeanut temperature reading
  • IFTTT compatible so you can automate or create notifications through WeMo, Phillips Hue, and more
  • Can store temperature measurements up to 15 days
  • Internal memory is reset each time data have been sent to your smartphone or tablet
  • You can use a number of ThermoPeanuts to get readings throughout your home



  • Automatically gets temperature and records it in the app
  • Has a replaceable battery
  • Can create automation between ThermoPeanut and your Nest thermostat to lower electricity bills
  • Can use Philips Hue lightbulbs to visually alert you of a temperature change
  • Using the WeMo switch, you can have a fan turn on to cool a room, if the fan is plugged into a Wemo switch
  • You can export the data from the app into a .CSV format to review and calculate in a spreadsheet



  • Bluetooth’s range is short, so you need to have your phone or app within range for the info. to be sent to the Sense app
  • ThermoPeanut is not integrated with Amazon Alexa yet
  • Dependent upon your temperature taking settings, they battery may not last as long as you’d think


The Sense ThermoPeanut wireless thermometer can be purchased from Amazon for $29.99.  Shipping is extra.




A Mom’s Perspective

ThermoPeanut wireless thermometer is a simple, inexpensive device that, on the surface, looks even too simple and perhaps unneeded.  But as you think of ways that knowing the temperature, and being alerted to drastic temperature changes can help you, you begin to see the value.

Whether is extra assurance that your baby won’t get too cold during the night, knowing the temperature is fine for your dog to be outside, or having an understanding of the temperature changes in your cooler when camping, this little ThermoPeanut wireless thermometer can be handy.

ThermoPeanut, made by Sense, has other sister products that can help you as well.  The GuardPeanut senses motion and alerts you when your item has been moved.  And the upcoming SleepPeanut is slipped under your sheets and monitors your sleep patterns.  Based on your movements, it will ring the alarm on your phone to gently wake you up when it senses it’s the best time for you.

If you’d like a solution to give you some peace of mind, while at home, the office, or traveling, ThermoPeanut is a handy little wireless thermometer to try out.  It can also help you save money on your monthly bills when connected to Nest.



*I was given a Sense ThermoPeanut wireless thermometer to evaluate for this review.  All opinions are my own.

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