A Great Solution for Kids Night Lights

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SnapPower SwitchLight


Being a busy mom of a family of five, I am always looking for gadgets that will upgrade our home while also keeping things simple. If it cuts down on the clutter, even better!

Last year, The Well Connected Mom covered a great company called SnapPower when we reviewed their USB Charger and GuideLight. 

Both of these gadgets have stood the test of time and are still two of my favorite things that I have reviewed. 

SnapPower has been busy developing and has a new product to add to their lineup – the SnapPower SwitchLight. It allows you to take an ordinary switch light and turn it into an automatic night light. It is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.  And even more perfect as kids night lights.



A Perfect Solution for Kids Night Lights

The SnapPower SwitchLight addresses a lot of night light problems:

  1. Night lights take up outlet space
  2. Night light bulbs need to be replaced when they burn out
  3. You need to turn night lights off and on
  4. If your outlet switch is lower to the ground, it can get blocked by furniture
  5. Sometimes the only plug available shines the night light into your child’s eyes

With the SnapPower LightSwitch, you simply replace the cover on your regular light switch (no wiring needed) and it automatically becomes a night light, illuminating the darkness and staying off if there is enough light in the room.

Because it is part of the light switch, it doesn’t take an outlet spot. It is extremely energy efficient, only costing about 10 cents a year to power. It can last up to 25 years. (How’s that for not needing to replace a bulb?!?) Plus, because it is part of the light switch, it is higher up (off the ground) so will not get blocked by furniture. 


An Easy Install

The SnapPower LightSwitch is extremely easy to install. It took me longer to turn off the power at the fuse box than it did to actually install the LightSwitch. 


Steps to Install:

1.)  Turn off the power to this area of your house where you want to install the LightSwitch.

2.)  Remove the existing cover plate from the switch.

3.)  Look into the box to determine if the area around the screw terminals are clear so that the prongs can pass into the box and around the switch.

4.)  If the area is not clear, SnapPower provides information on how to fix this. But, most likely it should be clear.

5.)  You will place the SwitchLight over the switch making sure the prongs slide inside the electrical box and connect with the screws on the side.

6.)  Tighten up the screws on the front of the LightSwitch

7.) Turn the power back on and you are good to go. 


Really – it is super easy. It sounds complicated but when you are installing it, is very clear what needs to be done. You can easily install it in less than 5 minutes.

I love the flexibility of SwitchLIghts.  For kids night lights, you can choose how much light you want with three different settings:

1.) Off

2.)  Low

3.)  High SwitchLight Bedroom

At the bottom left corner of the SwitchLight there is a three position switch. Moving the switch to the left turns it off, the middle position offers a low level of light and moving the switch to the right will give off its brightest light.

The light sensor will turn the SwitchLight off when the room is light and on when the room is dark. 

It is important to note that the LightSwitch is only available in a single-gang switch. (If you have a multi-gang switch – two or more switches on one switch plate – they do not have a SwitchLight that will work for that particular switch plate.)

In addition, a three-way and four-way switch will not work with this product. (For example, a switch that is in a hallway that can be turned off and on in two different places.) 


The SnapPower LightSwitch is available in the toggle or decor style in white, light almond and ivory. 



  • Frees up outlet space – you don’t need to plug in a night light
  • Very efficient – only costs 10 cents a year to power and lasts up to 25 years
  • Very sleek looking



  • Does not work with three-way and four-way switches. It did not work in either of my hallways
  • They do not make the SwitchLight for multi-gang switches


The SwitchLight can be used for kids night lights, in the hallway, kitchen, garage, and more.  They are available for purchase in a 10-pack ($140), 5-pack ($75), 3-pack ($48), and a single ($17) on SnapPower’s website. The more you buy, the bigger the discount. The GuideLight and Charger are also available on their website. They are all available in white, light almond and ivory in both the toggle and decor style. 



A Mom’s Perspective

We installed our SnapPower SwitchLight in our kids’ bathroom as well as both of the kids’ bedrooms. It produces the perfect amount of light for when they get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night. I like that I don’t need to remember to turn it off and on and that it automatically turns on when it is dark.

Because it is part of the switch, it takes away the clutter of having a nightlight plugged into an outlet. And, it is very sleek. 

I have been very impressed with all the products that SnapPower has available for purchase. I am hopeful that they will continue to produce more options (especially for three-way and four-way switches as well as multi-gang switches.)

Our family has been enjoying SnapPower products for over a year now. We have found them to be very handy. In fact, when we move from this house, I intend to uninstall all my SnapPower products and take them with me. (Shhh…don’t tell the new owners!)





*I was given SnapPower SwitchLights for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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