Birthdays: Top Tech Toys for Boys 2017

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by Samantha Rivers

Birthday Tech Toys for Boys


Birthday Tech Toys for Boys

If your son – or grandson, nephew, cousin or son’s good friend – has a birthday coming up, then this list is for you. These tech toys are perfect for both young boys and the young at heart, and there are options to meet every budget. 

Whether you’d like to keep your purchase under $25 or have no limits, we think you’ll find that there are plenty of attractive options to choose from. In fact, don’t be surprised if the young man in your life finds himself competing with the older men for these birthday gifts!

When it comes to boys and their toys, it seems you can never be too old!


Fidget Spinners



Your son may already have a fidget spinner or two (or three or four). To say that they are popular is a bit of an understatement; they’ve become a phenomenon. And this is because they’re addictive!

Though a rather simple toy on paper, the fidget spinner manages to be so entertaining because of how well it works. With finely tuned ball bearings, fidget spinners put traditional tops to shame. They seem to spin forever and ever, with no intention of ever slowing down. To see one in action is to be a fan.

The good news is that fidget spinners are very affordable, with most selling for around $10. The bad news is that you may not be able to find any at your local store!


Star Wars LEGO


When it comes to LEGO pieces, the traditional colored blocks that you may remember from your childhood are a thing of the past. You can still buy them online, or from LEGO stores, but mostly, you will find that LEGO is now in the business of selling licensed box sets.

And when it comes to licensing, there is no better Lego set than a Star Wars LEGO set. Perfect for boys from 5 to 55, Star Wars Lego sets cover the gamut, from simple to complex, affordable to (surprisingly) pricey. Really though, whichever set you buy, you can’t go wrong. If your son loves Star Wars, he’ll love Star Wars LEGO.


Prices for Star Wars sets range from $24.99 to $499.99 from LEGO.


Solar Scouts Rocket Set

Some toys never get old. Yo-Yo. Wiffle Ball. Ping Pong. The list goes on. Well, you can add model rocket to that list. With kids increasingly experiencing reality via touchscreen, there is something to be said for a toy that has to be experienced in real life.

And we promise the first time your son sees a rocket fly 1,000 feet straight up into the air, he’ll understand the appeal! The Solar Scouts Launch Set includes two rockets, both of which will put the rockets that you and your siblings grew up with to shame! They can reach heights that are frankly unbelievable, so make sure you have plenty of room around when testing them.


Best of all, the Solar Scouts Launch Set is available for just $32.79.


Hot Wheels Ai Race System

The Hot Wheels Ai Intelligent Race System is what would happen if Mario Kart came to life in toy form. Each Hot Wheels Ai car includes built-in sensors, which can “read” Hot Wheels’ Smart Track up to 200 times per second.

This makes two-player competition possible even when two players aren’t present – one player controls his car, while the other is controlled via artificial intelligence. With automatic driving modes and a programmable gaming controller, Hot Wheels’ race system is completely different than traditional slot car racing.

The Smart track can even create spontaneous hazards, such as digital “oil spills,” for more challenging and competitive racing. Needless to say, it’s a unique experience.  


The Hot Wheels Ai Intelligent Race System is available on Amazon for $58.75.


Nerf Rival Blasters



For families that enjoy a good Nerf shootout, there is no better choice than Nerf’s line of Rival blasters. These Nerf guns ditch the traditional suction cup dart for small foam balls, which are easily loaded via clip-in magazines. 

Best of all, Nerf Rival blasters are available in blue and red, so the entire family can get involved. Choose sides, put on the protective goggles, load up your magazines, and start counting out the paces!

Combine this with battery-powered motors that can accelerate these foam balls up to 100 feet per second, and you have all the ingredients needed to stage your own action movie, right at home! 


The NERF RIVAL Blasters range from $19.99 to $49.99 from NERF.


Beats by Dre Headphones

Beats By Dr. Dre Introduces the New Beats Studio: Redesigned and Reimagined. (PRNewsFoto/Beats Electronics LLC)

 (PRNewsFoto/Beats Electronics LLC)

If your son is approaching teenage years, it may be time to ditch the toys for something a bit more mature. One gift that is sure to please is a set of headphones by Beats by Dre, as they can be used for music or gaming. 

These wireless headsets come in a variety of models, including user-friendly earbuds and noise canceling headphones, so you have plenty of options. And they can even be financed, which can help soften the blow of the admittedly high purchase price. But make no mistake, when it comes to sound quality and desirability, Beats by Dre can’t be beat. No pun intended!

Beats by Dre can be purchased directly from their website ranging from $129.95 to $399.95.


Nintendo Switch

In a game of “Which of these isn’t like the other” between Sony Playstation, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Nintendo, the odds are good that Nintendo will always be the proud outlier. This was true with the Nintendo Wii, and the GameCube before that. 

Nintendo is a company that happily charts its own path. And that is evident with the company’s newest console, the Switch. Part tablet, part console, the Switch is designed to switch between game modes to accommodate the player’s lifestyles. 

One minute, your son can be playing Switch on the TV at home, and the next, on the bus ride to school – seamlessly and easily. Though not cheap at $299 (which doesn’t include the cost of games and accessories), the Switch promises to be fun for the whole family.


Looking for more ideas for younger kids?  Here are some more ideas.





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