Thought About the Blue Light Emitting From Your Screens?

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blue light


By now you’ve probably heard of blue light that is emitted from the screens we are constantly glued to.  It comes from our phones, tablets, PC’s, even our TV’s.

Screens send out strong light waves which cause eye strain, headaches, watery eyes,  blurred vision, and fatigue.


The eye can perceive the entire spectrum of natural and artificial light, however, not all light is beneficial for the eye.  Think of looking directly in the sun.  Ultraviolet light from the sun can be damaging to look at over time.  The same is true of blue light.

Blue light is harmful to your eye’s cells with prolonged exposure.  Its rays are intense and they have the ability to penetrate biological structures much more efficiently than other rays of light.


Think Blue Light Doesn’t Affect You?

I’m going to take a good guess that you’re on a screen quite often.  Perhaps you are on a computer most of the day writing documents, checking email, your calendar, or working on your company’s shared drive of documents.  

Perhaps you are on the road often, but at night you’re on your laptop catching up on the news of the day, your email, even Facebook.

Or, perhaps you love taking pictures and you’re always uploading, looking at, and sharing those great pics of your fam.

Most likely, you are similar to most Americans and, according to CNN, devote an average of 10 hours using a screen of some sort.  This, of course, includes phones, PC’s, tablets, and TV’s.

Symptoms You May Be Experiencing Due to Screen Usage

  • Fatigue/Dry eyes
  • Glare
  • Headaches
  • Watery eyes
  • Blurred vision


Possible Long-Term Effects

  • Cataract development
  • Age-related Macular Degeneration
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Irritability, mood swings


How To Lessen Blue Light’s Damage To Your Eyes

Fortunately, there are a number of companies making eyewear to help combat blue light’s harmful effects.  Over the past several months, my family and I have been wearing Blueberry’s eyewear to protect us from blue emitted light, coming from our screens.

blue light


Blueberry Glasses uses their BLP Lens technology to filter out 100% of UVs and 40% of blue light.  If you wear glasses, you’ve probably been offered lenses with this type of technology before, but have you noticed how yellow they look? 

That’s one of the first things I noticed about Blueberry is that they do not have a perceptible yellow tint when you wear them.  You can only see a slight yellow tint when you put them down on a white piece of paper.

blue light


The other thing I noticed about Blueberry glasses is their flair for fashion and fun.  They come up to 8 different colors (tortoise, Orange Juice, Lime, Blueberry Peppermint, etc), dependent upon the style you choose.  

And speaking of styles, they have 4 different styles:

  1. S : Stylish and Fashionable
  2. M : Chic and Trendy
  3. L : Vintage and Timeless     
  4. XL : Oversize Look


And guess what, they have readers!

The Blueberry readers come in two different styles and two different colors.  So you can still see your phone or tablet up close without needing to give up on reading it!


blue light


Blueberry Glasses are sturdy with flex hinges and scratch resistant, anti-glare lenses.  They are also lightweight.  Our family has been using Blueberry glasses when we work on our computers.  We each have our own style to match our personality and stylish tastes.  My son wears orange ones, which is his favorite color.  The rest of us chose the tortoise look.

My husband and I both use the Corrected Vision Blueberry glasses which offer magnification to read our phones and tablets better.  They are very comfortable and rest on your nose comfortably.  My husband prefers his Blueberry readers over his other readers because of this.  His other readers have nose pads that dig into the side of his nose.

I also like the flex hinges, so the sides bend easily out – which makes them durable.  It also helps if someone’s head is a bit bigger and they need more space.

We like our Blueberry glasses so much, we included them in our 5 Great Gadgets for Moms on Mother’s Day 2017  Guide.

With as much time as we all spend on PC, phones, and tablets, Blueberry glasses are essential in helping us keep our vision protected from harmful light waves.

blue light

Blueberry glasses are available for $59 in four different styles and a large variety of colors.  The Blueberry readers are available for $65, directly from Blueberry.  








*I was given pairs of Blueberry glasses to test in exchange for my opinion.  All thoughts are my own.


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