Set Up Your Own Home Security Cameras

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Are you still paying monthly security company fees?  Well, that may be a thing in the past with the rise and accessibility of home security cameras. 

EZVIZ has a wide range of home security cameras designed for your home or business to meet every need.  You can choose from a variety of styles, wired, or battery operated, as well as choose how the data is stored.

I have been using and testing of EZVIZ’s most popular home security cameras, the Mini Trooper, the Mini 360 Plus, and the Husky.  All have a great ability to protect your home and give you peace of mind.

Additionally, all three home security cameras give you HD level quality and the choice to store your videos via cloud storage (monthly fee) or use a mini SD card. 

Using the EZVIZ app, you are able to set your notification preferences via a weekly schedule (the app will pop up an alert on your phone when motion is detected). 

Another fantastic feature is the ability to set the sensitivity level of the motion detector.  I found this extremely helpful, especially for the outdoor camera – I didn’t need it to record and notify me every time a bug flew past the camera! 


3 EZVIZ Home Security Cameras

These features are all pretty awesome, but let’s take a look at what these home security cameras can do.  You can watch the cameras live through the app at any point in the day or night.


The Mini Trooper


The EZVIZ Mini Trooper is a battery operated camera that comes with a base station. You can connect up to 6 mini troopers to one base station! 

The camera uses the base station to connect to your internet via an ethernet cable or your home’s WiFi.  Since we use up many of our network router ports, I was pleased to be able to connect these cameras through our WiFi signal. 

To hang up your camera is simple.  The Mini Trooper camera has a magnetic back.  Once you mount the base, all you have to do is touch the back of it to the base and it will stay put!  

The Mini Trooper works both indoor and outdoor and features both night vision and audio recording features. 


The Mini 360 Plus


Personally, the Mini 360 Plus is my favorite out of the 3 home security cameras.  This little guy has so many features! 

Not only can you use the app to pan around the room in 360 degrees, but you can also set up an auto tracking feature.  

When this feature is enabled, the camera will automatically follow anyone who enters the room until they leave the room.  What an incredible tool for home security! 


Not only does this camera have the 360-degree pan, but it also allows for 2-way audio.  So, when your teenager is at home – eating an entire gallon of ice cream – you can yell at him through the camera!

The Mini 360 Plus has a privacy mask.  With one tap on the top of the unit, a screen will cover the camera until you are ready to use it again. 

The set up for the Mini 360 Plus was a snap.  After downloading the app, all you have to do is scan the QRC code on the package.  The app connects to your camera and allows your camera to connect directly to the WiFi.  The Mini 360 can hold a micro SD card up to 128 GB.


The Husky


The Husky outdoor camera is designed for all-weather use.  It is IP66 rated, which means it can withstand wind, rain, sun, and dust!  Like the Mini 360 Plus, it connects directly to the WiFi. 

The Husky holds up to a 128GB micro SD card, can save video to the Cloud storage or can be connected to a vault recording system. 

When looking at the videos, it has a zoom in feature which gives great clarity, especially if you are trying to identify a face.  Because the Husky is a wired camera, you will need to decide the best place to mount.  

We had previously drilled holes into our upstairs where we used to have our satellite cables running.  My husband removed those cables and used the existing hole to run the Husky power cord into our home. 



We have this particular camera above our side gate.  It gives a clear view of our sidewalk, part of our driveway and the street in front of our house.  Again, like the other two cameras, you can set a notification schedule and the degree of sensitivity of the motion sensors.



  • Easy-to-install
  • HD Video
  • Micro SD Dard Slot
  • Cloud storage capable
  • Can build a whole system or just 1 camera
  • Audio capabilities on some cameras
  • WiFi-enabled



  • Initial set up cost can get expensive depending on how many cameras you use
  • Cannot set up motion detection grid parameters


EZVIZ home security cameras can be purchased on Amazon: Mini Trooper for $150, The Mini 360 Plus for $70, and the Husky for $85 including free shipping. 



A Mom’s Perspective

The EZVIZ home security cameras are easy-to-use and install.  They allow quick access to see what is happening in your home, even when you are not there. 

I liked how you are able to scan a code on the camera/ paperwork to easily connect the camera to the app and WiFi. 

All three home security cameras provided great quality resolution.  Additionally, the cameras have many security levels so they cannot be hacked easily.  Although I didn’t test this functionality, the EZVIZ systems also include IFTT technology, which allows connection to Alexa and other 3rd party apps.

One missing feature that I did notice was the ability to set your motion detection parameters.  I saw that as a feature on the Panasonic security camera  I reviewed previously.  It was a nice feature that allowed me to not record every car that drove by my house. 

Beyond that feature, the EZVIZ camera systems provided everything I need to set up my own home security cameras. 





* I was given the EZVIZ home security cameras for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.


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