Monster Music on the Go with the Hotshot Wireless Speaker

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Looking for a wireless speaker companion that is lightweight, takes up little space, and won’t set you back much money?  The Monster Superstar Hotshot wireless speaker fits the bill.  For under $20 now at Amazon, you’ll be impressed with the mighty sound that comes out from this little wireless speaker.

Monster calls the Hotshot wireless speaker the “Little Speaker with Attitude,” and they aren’t kidding.  Turn on your music full blast and pick up the Hotshot, you can actually feel the beat.  Put it down and watch the Hotshot wireless speaker move!  Best yet, the sound isn’t distorted.  It’s really cool to feel the bass.


Where to Use the Hotshot Wireless Speaker

With its included carabiner, attach the Hotshot wireless speaker to your purse, backpack, bicycle, cooler, the options are endless!  Since it’s so lightweight, you can keep it in your purse or bag, ready to travel when you are.   

Take it to the beach, park, tailgate party, hiking, even by the pool.  Use it for an invigorating outside workout. And because it connects to your phone, you can use it as a speaker phone for your calls.

Oh, and if you have a teenager in the house, the Hotshot wireless speaker is perfect for him/her.  Its form factor is small yet fashionable.  Teens will love sharing their music with the Hotshot’s impressive sound.  And for under $20, you don’t have to spend a fortune to help your teen enjoy their tunes while entrusting him/her another electronic device.


Want a little company when cooking dinner?  Listen to your tunes with Hotshot!


Showers never sounded so good!



  • Up to 5.5 hours of play time on one charge
  • Bluetooth wireless audio streaming
  • Very portable with small form factor
  • NFC with “touch to Pair” Bluetooth pairing
  • Can act as a hands-free speakerphone
  • Easily hooks to belt, backpack, or ice chest with included carabiner
  • Available in four colors:  white, black, black/gold and black/blue
  • Pure Monster Sound®
  • Includes an aux port to plug to play sound from sources not using Bluetooth
  • Light indicator to tell you when it’s charged
  • Non-slip rubber pads on the back and bottom 



  • Lighter than you’d think, only 7.2 ounces
  • Has deep bass sound
  • Great sound, you can feel it when holding the speaker
  • Very affordable
  • Turning the volume to the highest level still produces good sound
  • You can’t beat the price
  • The sound gets so loud when turned up high, the speaker shakes!



  • Not waterproof or water resistant
  • Notification sounds volume are very loud when turning on or off the speaker
  • No volume, pause, skip buttons on the speaker itself
  • Because the speaker shakes at loud volume, it can shake off the table, need to turn it on its back



With its original price of $49.95, the Monster Superstar HotShot portable wireless speaker is available from Amazon for an amazing price of just $18.89 plus shipping.



*I was given the Monster Superstar Hotshot portable Bluetooth wireless speaker as a part of their Monster Nation program.

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