Watch Your LED TV Outside With Portable Power!

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Don’t you wish you could have a plug handy…no matter where you are?  Portable power, wouldn’t be great?  At the airport, on the plane, the middle of a room, or even on the beach?  If only you could take your  32″ LED TV outside to watch a movie on the grass?

What about the ability to power your portable wireless speaker beyond its initial 2-5 hours of battery power?  Wish you could take your small laptop to the park and work there without worry of running out of battery juice?

How about powering your small fan in your RV…without the generator?  Or a portable plug for your LED light to hang during your tailgating party?

OK, how about this one…your family loves to fly a drone but when you’re out at the beach, on the street, or a park, but then the battery needs to be recharged.  You need a plug right where you so you don’t have to go off, get it charged, and come all the way back to keep flying.


Now You Can with Portable Power


portable power

All of these things are now possible with the new myCharge ADVENTUREULTRA Portable Charging Hub and Inverter.  With its powerful 13400mAh amp battery, there are a number of things you can power up without a traditional outlet.

It can power anything with a plug that uses up to 45 watts.  We’re talking about a smaller LED TV, a small fan, wired or wireless speakers, a LED lamp, a MacBook, a small 2-in-one laptop, tablets, phones, and more.  See this power list for an idea of how much power different things use.

Sure, it doesn’t power your 55″ LED TV, but who wants to drag that outside anyways?  The myCharge ADVENTUREULTA was designed to give you the simplicity of getting power for things that more likely to be portable.

Here are some uses for the myCharge ADVENTUREULTRA Portable Charging Hub and Inverter I found helpful…


Picture Frame


I have a Nixplay digital picture frame that plays “playlists” of our favorite memories – vacations, graduations, your whimsical puppies, you name it! But sometimes I’d like to place the Nixplay digital picture frame on a table that does not have a plug – especially for special occasions or when someone comes over.

I plugged the Nixplay into the ADVENTUREULTRA power and it worked beautifully!  I now can take my Nixplay with me to events I may be hosting for church of for school events to display relevant pictures for the occasion without worrying about a plug!



Portable Scanner


Have a big job of scanning ahead of you?  I have a portable ScanSnap ix100 wireless scanner I use and it works great.  But sometimes I have A LOT of scanning to do and would like the flexibility to scan at the dinner table and not worry about the wireless battery running out of power.  I can scan away with the ADVENTUREULTRA charger, it lasts for hours.


Pico Projector


I use my picoair mini projector to project pictures, videos, and movies to a wall for my Odyssey of the Mind team sometimes as well as for my family.  Although it has a built-in rechargeable battery, it can’t make it through a full movie.  Plugging it into the ADVENTUREULTA allows us to watch the full movie.


LED Light


I occasionally use a PlayBulb wireless light for ambiance when we have people over.  I love it because I can change the color of the globe depending upon the holiday or occasion.  But if I have people over for more than a couple of hours, the PlayBulb needs to be charged. 

With the ADVENTUREULTRA Charger, I can keep the PlayBulb in it’s charging base and keep it charged for the whole night!


Glue Gun


The Odyssey of the Mind team I coach works at our house on Saturdays to build their props and sets.  Without an extension cord, it’s difficult to use the glue guns because our plugs are halfway up the wall and the kids work on the floor.

I found out that most glue guns are 46 watts, so now kids can work with the glue guns using the ADVENTUREULTRA whatever works best for them!



LED String Lights


 For kicks, I wanted to see if the ADVENTUREULTRA portable power charger would charge up a string of LED lights.  I tried plugging in my son’s mini Christmas tree and it worked great.  Think Halloween LED lights in the back of your car for Trunk or Treat or Dodger blue LED lights for your tailgating party during the World Series!



DVD Player

OK, now, I did not test this out, but it looks like most DVD players run at about 15 watts.  So you could plug your DVD player into one ADVENTUREULTRA Charger and your 42″ LED TV into another ADVENTUREULTRA Charger.  Then you’ll be all set to watch movies wherever you want to!



  • Ultra-fast charge for phones and tablets – charges up to 65% faster than other products
  • Charges phones, tablets, and USB-C enabled gadgets
  • Powers small laptops, LED TV’s, lamps, fans, and more
  • User-friendly LCD screen
  • Covered & sealed ports to keep dust or sand out
  • Maintains battery power for up to a year, even when not in use
  • At one pound, it is one of the smallest and lightest power banks available
  • With Safe-cell, it provides a high level of battery safety
  • Can run energy for a TV or fan while providing a charge to your phone or tablet



  • Gives you a lot of flexibility to have power when and where you need it
  • Your family can watch your LED TV outside during the Summer!
  • Can’t find a plug at Disney World? No worries, you have your own!
  • Can charge your phone or tablet while using the plug for your heater, light, or small laptop
  • You can charge up to 3 items at once
  • There is a USB-C port for newer phones and newer MacBooks and laptops



  • Cannot charge things greater than 45 watts (ie, TV’s over 32″ or that aren’t LED, coffee maker, corded drills)
  •  Depending on what you’re charging with a plug, the battery could only last up to 2 hours
  • For some items, the ADVENTUREULTRA Power Charger doesn’t tell you that an item has too many watts, it just turns off 


The myCharge ADVENTUREULTRA portable power charger is available through Best Buy for $129.99 including free shipping.




A Mom’s Perspective

I have had my eyes on portable power devices such as the myCharge ADVENTUREULTRA for a couple of years now.  When portable power first came out, they were really bulky and heavy.  The myCharge ADVENTUREULTRA is one of the most lightweight portable power devices I have seen, it truly is portable.

With this in mind, remember, it can’t power everything.  You have to test it out with your devices/gadgets to see how it works the best.  But this portable power charger will certainly work with a number of portable things that you would love to tote around, giving you the convenience of supplying your own plug…anywhere!

The idea of having my own plug with me on an airplane is so exciting.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve plugged one of my devices in the plug under my seat only for it to fall out.  It’s been so frustrating.  Now I can put my plug anywhere and supply power to my gadgets without hassle.

Or I can place my picoair projector in the middle of a table and project my presentation on the wall, without worry of losing my battery.  The ADVENTUREULTRA portable power charger is truly freeing.  Just think how you’d use portable power during your next camping adventure, vacation, road trip, or tailgating party?

And with its 13400mAh battery, the charge will last a VERY LONG time.  Have some other ideas how you’d use ADVENTUREULTRA portable power?  Share a comment below!





* I was given a myCharge ADVENTUREULTRA Portable Power Charging Hub and Inverter for purposes of review.  All opinions are my own.

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