Home Leak Protection with Delta Water Leak Detector

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Our family recently moved from Southern California to the midwest. I am super excited that our new house has a basement. Tons of extra room and storage!

But, I also have some anxiety because my plumber, as well as a friend that used to work for a company that specializes in water damage restoration, both told me that in regards to my sump pump, it is not a matter of IF it would fail but rather WHEN it will fail. What?!? My house is new!  I shouldn’t have to worry about this!

When I was given the opportunity to try out Delta’s Water Leak Detector, I knew this would be a device that would give me peace of mind. The Water Leak Detector connects with your home’s WiFi network and should a leak occur – big or small – you will be notified via your smartphone. 

The Delta Water Leak Detector arrived in a nice box that is very appealing to the eye. The box included the device, batteries (always a bonus) and basic instructions. 



To get started, you need to download the Delta Leak Detect app and create an account. They will send you a confirmation code via email which you will enter to complete registration. You will also fill out a section that indicates who you want to be alerted if there is a problem and how (text and/or email.) Very simple!

Then you need to pair the device with your mobile device. Just follow the instructions given to choose your WiFi network. Initially, I had a bit of a problem connecting with my network. But, I found some great troubleshooting points on Delta’s website and found that it was because I was connected to my home’s 5G network rather than the regular WiFi network. Once I changed that, I was good to go. 

The app is extremely user-friendly. You can add as many leak detectors as you want and can label each one so you know which is which. When you click on the leak detector that you want to check on, it will tell you if there are any alerts, the battery level, the percentage of your WiFi signal strength and you can view the report history which tells you if everything is normal as well as the temperature in the room.



You can place the leak detector under or near your home’s major water sources like a water heater, toilet, sink or sump pump. I chose our sump pump. 


Each day, the device will check-in three times a day to ensure all connections are working. Although only three events are recorded, the device is always looking for water leaks. 

A week ago, I saw this in action. For most of a Saturday, our internet was not working. I received an alert from the Delta Water Leak Detector app letting me know my Sump Pump Delta Leak Detector was offline.

It gave me the date and time of the last communication as well as a link to visit for possible reasons. Well, we were home and knew that our internet was not working so we were not concerned. But, it was nice to see the device in action and know that we would get alerts. 



But, is it going to alert you if you have a leak? I did a device test to see. I filled a dropper with water and started counting how many drops it took for the device to detect water.


After 6 drops, the device went off – loud enough to hear it through the house. Soon after, I got an alert on my phone that the device had detected water. 


Delta Water Leak Detector



  • Detects both dripping and pooling water
  • Set up in minutes: simply connect to your WiFi network
  • Distinctly shaped to detect small drops of water
  • No hub required
  • Battery powered with AAA batteries lasting approximately 2 years



  • Simple setup
  • Notifications directly sent to your mobile device
  • User-friendly app that you can check to make sure that things are ok whenever you want
  • Works with both Apple and Android devices



  • If you are using a mobile device that needs 5G, you will run into problems connecting to the device
  • Ideally, you should really have a leak detector at all sources of potential water problems. This could be quite a few devices, with a fairly large cost
  • When using the device for the Sump Pump, it really needs to be in the hole to catch the overflow BEFORE it happens rather than on the floor next to it which would catch the problem AFTER it happens. I haven’t figured out how to get the device inside the sump pump yet


The Delta Leak Detector is available for purchase Amazon for $79.99 plus free shipping.



A Mom’s Perspective

It’s a sigh of relief. The Delta Water Leak Detector gives me some extra reassurance to know that I will be alerted if I have a sump pump issue. This will hopefully alert me early enough to deal with the issue before it becomes a major problem. 

Having several Water Leak Detectors in the home will give you, even more, peace of mind. Even though this may be a bigger initial expense, it will be well worth it if you ever have a water issue in your house.

The app is super user-friendly and very intuitive. I like that if you have several devices, you can label each one in the app so you will know which device has detected the water.

I also liked that I was alerted that the device was offline. This gives me the assurance to know that if the device is not working for some reason, I can troubleshoot it immediately instead of not realizing that it is not working.


Want to Win a Delta Leak Detector for Yourself?

Enter the Delta sweepstakes in which Delta will be awarding free devices to those who share their own photos and/or videos. All you have to do is post a photo or video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #LeakDetectSweepstakes and tag @DeltaFaucet. Each week throughout November, four winners will be rewarded with a Delta leak detector, and be featured on Delta’s Inspired Living blog.





*I was given a Delta Water Leak Detector for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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