Kids Can Learn STEM Coding with the Kano Pixel Kit

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Our oldest son, who is 13, loves anything that has to do with technology. He is constantly tinkering with things and trying to figure out how things work. We are always keeping our eyes open for STEM items that will stimulate that interest.


Kano STEM Kits

The world of coding is one of those things that he is drawn to. Kano has put out several STEM kits that help a child learn the ins and outs of coding.

Last year, Well Connected Mom recommended the Kano Computer Kit that comes complete with a keyboard and screen as one of the top 10 Tech Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids.

We recently were given the opportunity to check out the Pixel Kit and the Motion Sensor Kit.  The Kano Pixel Kit is a quick and interactive way to start your journey into STEM through coding on a colorful screen. Through many guided projects, your child can easily show off his/her achievements and creativity.

Setting it up is easy for everyone. Just simply snap the Pixel Brain into its sturdy case. It comes with a charged battery so you can get right into the tour that shows what you soon will be able to create.


To get started with coding, the kit provides a Kano app that works on any Windows, Mac, Linux device or on the Kano Computer Kit.

The kit has 128 bright pixels so it is easy to understand what your coding does without making things too complicated. The coding is presented in an attractive and simple way so you don’t get lost in the challenging world coding can be.

Everything is set up and organized in a great way on the app so your kid can see what things are plugged into the Pixel Kit and what it will look like once s/he runs her/his newly created code.

The Kano Pixel Kit comes with the Pixel Brain, case, and a USB cable to charge it up. To put it together, you follow the amazing storybook that teaches your child all s/he needs to know.

The Pixel Board has some games like Breakout and Snake if you just want to play around. The battery lasts up to 3 hours.



Kids can code amazing things like a virtual fireplace, weather station, and clocks. At the beginning, the app will hold their hand and explain everything to your child so s/he knows exactly what is going on.

As your child continues, the computer will let her/him do more of the work, giving a greater sense of accomplishment. You can also make your very own animations.

As a great add-on, the Motion Sensor Kit can be added to make your projects more interactive. Using it, your kids can make a virtual guitar, a map of the world that they can zoom around, and much more.

Music Visualizer introduces your child to the microphone by reacting to sound. Particle flow teaches them how tilt censoring works by allowing them to see how an object drifts toward the direction your child tilts the screen.




  • Kano Code App which uses simple steps, storytelling, game mechanics, and practical projects to demystify programming
  • More than 35 step-by-step challenges that will continue to push your child’s understanding of the coding world
  • Teaches you to build your own games, paint with light and make animations, and make sound come to life with a brilliant light show when you speak



  • Can use with any computer as well as Kano’s Computer Kit
  • The manual that comes with is fantastic – easy to follow with lots of projects
  • Allows you to continue on your own and explore the world of coding in your own way
  • Good for a wide age of kids – recommended for as young as age 6 and my 13-year-old also enjoys it



  • The lights are extremely bright
  • Some buttons do not snap on well and tend to fall off after you put them away
  • My thirteen-year-old sped through the challenges quite quickly – challenges are probably geared more towards the younger childWellConnectedMom.com


The Kano Pixel Kit is available on the Kano website for $79.99. The Motion Sensor Kit is available for $23.94 on Amazon.


A Mom’s Perspective

Anything that my child enjoys tinkering with that is going to expand his knowledge about computers and coding is a win in my book. It was fun watching my son get excited about how the kit responded to sound when I was playing the piano one day. And, even though he sped through the STEM challenges, he was able to venture out on his own to try out other ideas.

I appreciate that the Kano Kit is good for such a large age range of kids. While my oldest son was the one that gravitated to the Kano STEM Kits, I will definitely encourage my other two boys to try their hands at it as well. (I think this sounds like a great “I’m bored, what can I do?” STEM project!)

It is also great that you can use it with so many platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux as well as the Kano Computer Kit. You can hook the Kit up to pretty much whatever type of device you have at your home.

The Kano Pixel Kit is a great way to introduce your children to the world of STEM and coding in a fun and interactive way. The 40 creative projects open the doors for them to explore on their own. Your child will create some pretty great things while following challenges or while going off on their own and starting from scratch. You never know where their creativity will take them!







* I was given the Kano Pixel Kit and Motion Sensor Kit for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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