Why a XBOX Headset Benefits the Family

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Has your son or daughter asked for an XBOX headset for Christmas?  At first thought, gaming headphones may seem a little excessive for your tween/tween’s gaming passion.

You bought the Xbox One gaming console, you’ve purchased a number of games, and now an Xbox headset?  Will it ever end?  The short answer is no, it never ends, as the top games come out with a new version every year to keep their profit lines in the black.

This year our family tested out using the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Xbox headset – complete with a mic for online interactions.  We have never used a headset before and found this Xbox headset quite fun to use.

Xbox headset


We used the headset while playing several different games and found that we heard sounds coming from our favorite video games that we hadn’t noticed before.  In the winter game, STEEP, featured in this year’s Top 10 Tech Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Guide, we loved hearing the snow “crunch” beneath our feet as we walked across the mountain.  You could hear the wind howling and even branches twitching as you walked by them.  It’s really fascinating.

Xbox headset

The headset is very sensitive, picking up your voice easily so you don’t need to yell to be heard online.  


Xbox headset


Why an Xbox Headset Makes Sense…

  1. Your house will be noticeably quieter!  No more deep sounding bass and loud collisions, booms, and battles.
  2. You can actually share the family room or surrounding rooms with your gamer and keep focused on the task at hand.  Which makes it easier to monitor your gamer too and the games the storylines of the games s/he plays.
  3. Some headsets like Turtle Beach, have special features like “Superhuman Hearing” that greatly enhances the game for your gamer, allowing him/her to pick up small sound nuances for faster reflex to challenges.
  4. Games become more immersive with surround sound right at their ears.
  5. Xbox headsets include microphones built in to chat with online family and friends.
  6. Many headphones can be used via Bluetooth for the PC as well, making them dual purposed.
  7. Headsets can be used to watch movies, videos, and TV shows through the content available through Xbox One.



  • Completely wireless
  • Charges using the included micro-USB cord and the USB port in the Xbox One console
  • High-sensitive mic that mutes and  easily flips out of the way when not needed
  • Separate volume control for game audio and chat audio
  • Utilizes Xbox One’s Windows Sonic for Headphones for immersive virtual surround sound
  • Superhuman Hearing to hear subtle sounds that allow for a faster response
  • Battery lasts for up to 15 hours on a charge
  • Powerful 50 mm speakers
  • Comfortable headphones that cushion the ears
  • ProSpecs Glasses Relief System alleviates pressure so gamers with glasses can play comfortably
  • Four audio presets, including Bass Boost or customize own sound
  • When you turn off the Xbox, your headphones automatically turn off too




  • The sound of your video games is great in these headphones, you hear everything
  • They are wireless, no wires to trip over and they can be used anywhere in your gaming room
  • Setting them up with your Xbox One is very easy
  • No sound delay whatsoever
  • Sounds incredible, much better than hearing without an Xbox headset
  • Due to the breathable material, your ears won’t sweat like they can with other headsets



  • Headphones are not for everyone, but they make a lot of sense for teens


Xbox headset


Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Xbox Headsets can be purchased through Amazon for $99.95 including free shipping.



A Mom’s Perspective

If you have a teen, headphones or earbuds are a way of life.  My kids often listen to their movies, videos, and music via headphones.  So I can see the allure of wanting a headset for gaming as well.  The sound is amazing and immersive, it truly is 360-degree sound. 

And the Superhuman Hearing really does work.  I can hear the slightest sounds even with video games I’ve played many times before and never heard these sounds before.

Although I do not wear glasses normally, I did try using the Xbox headset with my nighttime glasses and the headset is truly comfortable with my glasses on.  This is a unique feature most headsets do not have.

Whether you have tweens or teens, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Xbox headset is a great gift idea for your family.  I love that they keep our gaming room quiet and I no longer need to hear the booming sounds coming from the other side of my bedroom wall.




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