Top 10 Tech Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads 2017

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Our last tech Christmas gift guide for the year is our Dads guide.  We found some amazing gift ideas for Moms and Kids, now it’s Dad’s turn!  Dads love technology and anything that makes their role in helping enhance the home with minimum maintenance easier.

We’ve got some great ideas for home automation and surveillance, amping up his home office, and some wicked speakers to make his day more jolly.  Oh and of course, we threw in s drone for some good measure!  

Now, onto the fun!



Top 10 Tech Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads 2017



Logitech Circle 2 Camera


Home security is important and dads will appreciate the simplicity of Logitech’s newest Circle 2 security camera.  Circle 2 is an indoor and outdoor, weatherproof, wired or 100% wire-free 1080p HD home security camera with night vision and up to 180° field-of-view that can be set up in minutes. Logitech did a great job taking what was great with the first generation Circle and made the Circle 2 even better. 

There are now have more options and accessories to make the Circle 2 exactly what is needed for home security. Wires are optional! Dad can either choose the wired option or the wire-free option that comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to three months.

Installation is super easy – dad can set the entire thing up in minutes and look like a hero.  The Logi Circle app is extremely user-friendly with a lot of options so that dad can control how much he is alerted (or not alerted.)

For example, if one of his cameras is outside it recognizes motion every time a car drives by. While he might want to get alerted on his phone if someone comes to the door, he don’t want to be alerted every time a car goes by. So, he can choose to be alerted to only the high activity level items. 

The app also allows dad to scroll through the day to see when activity happened on that camera. He can even create a Day Brief which gives a rapid account of the entire day. If he chooses to stick with the free app, you will get 24 hours of footage for free on each camera. 

The app is great for Dad to check on kids that are home alone. If he sets the app to alert you to motion, he will know when they get home. He can check up on them and can even talk to them and hear their answer back. 

Dad can connect multiple cameras to the single app and program each camera in the way that best suits his needs. He can either select an individual camera to check on or he can see all of them at the same time. The Circle 2 has many smart home integrations working seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.


The Circle 2 ranges from $179 at Amazon for a single camera to $430 on Amazon for a set of three as well as a few other options and accessories.



eero gen 2 + eero Beacon


WiFi extender


If your house has spotty WiFi where it’s great in some rooms but non-existent in other rooms, the eero can be dad’s best friend.  The eero (second generation) replaces your wireless router, WiFi repeaters, and WiFi extenders and gives you amazingly fast WiFi.

In addition, the eero now offers the eero Beacon which allows you to expand your WiFi connection wire free by simply plugging the Beacon in to an outlet. Perfect for areas such as hallways, stairs and other places where it is not very convenient to set the eero somewhere. Plus, the Beacon doubles as a nightlight. The eero also has automatic software updates that give you the latest features and security.

Set-up is quick and easy. Simply use the eero app (available on both Google Play and iOS) that walks you through the entire process. The app will even test each device to make sure that it can connect to the original device. If it can’t, the app will help you with placement to ensure that all the eeros are connected to each other and giving the best coverage possible.

Dad will appreciate the Parental Controls that the eero app offers for a busy family with kids that have more devices than you can count. As far as the connected devices go, dad can click on each individual device. The screen will show you the top devices by usage. Dad can give his child a “time out” from media is as simple as hitting “Block From Network.”

In addition to blocking an individual device, he can also create family profiles. One for each person. Dad can create scheduled pauses that will disable the WiFi from all the devices that are assigned to that specific family member’s profile.

Whatever his needs – WiFi extenders, wire-free, parental controls, extra security – eero has dad covered with the perfect option.

The eero is available for purchase at their website with several options to pick from ranging from a single eero or eero Beacon for $149 to a set-up for a medium sized home for $399 as well as a Pro WiFi system for the larger home for $499. The mid-range option was also available on Amazon for $349.00 with free shipping. The Pro WiFi system was available on Amazon for $465.99 with free shipping.




Wicked Audio Outcry Extreme Bluetooth Speaker

Dad will love the monstrous sound that comes from the Wicked Audio Outcry Extreme 45 mm dual driver speaker, it is truly extreme! This Bluetooth speaker has a 32-foot range and has a Lithium Ion battery life of up to 8 hours.

Pick your Bluetooth device, hit play on your favorite tune and start dancing to the music! What we really appreciated about this device was that there was no need for a special app to download to start using these speakers with your phone, tablet or computer. Plus, it is wireless so there are no annoying cords getting in your way. (There is also an auxiliary jack if you would prefer to plug it directly into your device.)

Dad can take this great speaker outside while doing yard work or entertaining, use it in the house while he is working out, or bring it with him to a party. Any device can tap into the Bluetooth so anyone can use it where ever you are. It is easy to repair the speaker to another device by simply holding down the center button until you hear a “RAWR” prompt telling you you’re ready to pair the speaker.

This little guy is only about 3 inches tall and 7 1/2 inches wide. But, don’t let the size fool you, it has an extremely impressive sound. And, if dad’s phone is equipped with one, the sound can be adjusted by using an equalizer, giving an even better sound.

We also liked that the speaker has independent audio controls meaning you can adjust the volume on the speaker itself without needing to adjust the actual volume on the device that you are streaming from. Dad will even be able to receive phone calls and talk via speaker!

Wicked Audio Extreme Outcry is available via Wicked Audio’s website for $54.99.



MyQ Home Bridge Garage Door Automation


automate your garage door


One of the ultimate home automation gadgets any dad would prize would be the ability to open and close the garage door either remotely or with a tap on his phone.  This is easier to do then most people think.  If you have a Chamberlain or Liftmaster garage opener, purchased after 2005, you are already halfway there, as they already contain the smart technology to receive automation signals.

To be able to open the garage door remotely you just need the Chamberlain or Liftmaster MyQ Home Bridge.  The MyQ Home Bridge is easy to install as long as you have a wireless signal in the garage.  Once installed, find the Home Bridge in the free Chamberlain or Liftmaster MyQ app and the garage opener is connected.

Dad will be able open and close the garage door with the app from anywhere in the world.  In addition, he can set up rules so that the garage door closes every night at 7pm, be alerted if the garage door is opened and/or closed, and even set it up (through IFTTT and the Life360 app) to close everytime he leaves the home.

Dad can set up a number of automation tasks by linking them with other partnering technology, including Apple Home Kit, Nest, Google Assistant, Wink, IFTTT, and more.  For example, he could set off a chain of commands that turn on lights and the heater once the garage door opens.

Dad will love the endless possibilities and fun of automating his garage door.


Purchase the MyQ® Home Bridge on the Chamberlain‘s website for $69.99 plus shipping.



Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900 Gaming PC


gaming PC


Is dad a gamer or a power PC user?  Then the Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900 is the perfect PC for dad with its Intel i7 quad processor (one of the best on the market), its 16 GB RAM,  Solid State 256 GB drive, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 8GB, 7.1 Surround Sound with Dolby Home Theater, and 1 TB hard drive.  This PC is slick!

Even if dad isn’t a gamer, the Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900 is a showpiece with its cool looking LED red lights will have him looking like a rockstar.  He can even peer into it and see his ultra-fast NIVIDIA GEForce GTX hard at work.  HD Movies, 3D rendering, fast-paced games, and virtual reality will all run smoothly on this PC.

With so many top features, it will be a long time before dad will need to upgrade his computer.  The Y900 comes with plenty of slots to add more hard drives and RAM, so when the time does come to upgrade, it will be easy.

It also has 10 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, a DVI port, a VG port, and more.  Talk about being connected, this PC has it all.


The Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900 gaming PC is available in four versions, dependent upon the speed of the Intel processor, graphics card, RAM, and hard disk space you need.  Prices start at $1099.99 and go up to $2049.99 and are available directly from the Lenovo website.



OWC USB-C Port Dock


If dad uses his laptop a lot between home and the office, this handy gadget that will make life easier for him.  The OWC USB-C Port Dock plugs into the wall for power and he can plug his laptop into the dock, using its USB-C power cord.  Newer laptops and Macs utilize this USB-C power source.  With an HDMI cable, he can connect his monitor to the dock aand see his laptop screen on his monitor.

It’s a great solution to provide a lot of great resources right to the laptop without having to plug them into the laptop everytime it’s brought home to work on.  Everything stays plugged in so only the laptop moves.  With the 5 USB 3.1 Gen ports (including a Type-C), dad can keep his keyboard and mouse plugged in and ready to go.  The OWC USB-C Port Dock can even support wired Ethernet and bring the connection to the laptop directly through a USB-C plug.

Further functionality includes a front-facing SD card reader, a mini DiplayPort interface, and a combo audio in/out port.  USB ports could be used for peripherals and/or for charging dad’s devices – his phone, tablet, smartwatch, etc.

Best yet, the OWC USB-C Port Dock needs only one port connection between the laptop and the dock, so all of the other ports on dad’s laptop are free to use.  And because USB-C carry power too, the OWC USB-C doc can deliver up to 60W of power to his laptop, keeping the battery charged. 

He can keep his laptop charger and cord in his backpack, always ready for mobile use, as he will no longer need to plug it in at home.  It’s a great time-saver and greatly reduces the hassle associated with plugging in all the resources needed when setting up your laptop at home after mobile use.


The USB-C Dock sells for $139 and is available in a variety of nice finishes through OWC Digital.




Venom Pro GPS Streaming Drone

The Venom Pro GPS Streaming Drone is sure to please any dad!  It has a 720 HD camera that can record video and take pictures and deliver them straight to his FPV smartphone app.  With its high powered 2.4GHz transmitter, radio interference will not be an issue.

The Venom Pro is lightweight yet strong, made with a polymer material.  Dad can show off by enabling the drone to do tricks, maneuvering it to go in all directions, or just hover it.  The Venom Pro has several different modes of flight.  Our favorite is the Follow Me, which requires no controlling, the drone just follows wherever you go as long as you have the controller in your hand.

Dad will love the Orbit mode where he set the drone to hover around a certain point.  In Flight Trace and Waypoint Mode, Dad can set a number of waypoints in the app and the drone will follow the waypoints in the order they were placed.  He can add specific waypoints with a single touch.  The drone is programmed to remember the approximate location it took off from and will return to the same spot.

Best yet, it does not require FAA registration.  The Venom Pro comes with a separate remote control for easier control and the ability to share the drone with the family so dad doesn’t have to give up his phone.  With the included bumper guards, the drone can be protected against bumps and crash landings.


The Venom Pro GPS Streaming Drone is half price right now, offered at $129.95 at Hobby Tron.  But for a limited time offer, save an additional 10% with this coupon code: WORLDTECH10, bringing the price down to $116.95 (from the original price of $199.95).


Lander Neve USB-C Cable


Dad likely has a ton of cables – some for his phone, tablet, smartwatch, earbuds, and more.  He likely has them in his car, his office, his home office, his backpack, everywhere.  So why buy another cord?  The same could be said for pens or pencils.  Why do we pay more for a nice looking pen or a mechanical pencil that works just right?

The Neve® USB-C, micro USB, and Lightning cables by Lander are a beauty.  No, not in the sense of beautiful patterns (dad wouldn’t like that), but in its own richness of design, the utility of the fabric surrounding the cord, and its durability.

Featuring Lander’s signature Illumiweave reflective technology, dad will be able to quickly find his cable in a dark car or crammed backpack.  This cable is striking and like a favorite pen or coffee mug, it brings style and personality to an everyday charging cord.

The Lander Neve cables are also strong.  They can hold over 150 lbs. of pressure and the tips are reinforced to withstand pulling, extension, and traveling.  There’s even a useful cord rip used in hiking and mountain climbing equipment.  And Lander cables are designed to be tangle free, further simplifying the cable process.

Lander Neve cables are available in black or red and in 15 inches, 3 feet, or 10 feet dependent upon the cable you choose.  All new phones and tablets will utilize USB-C cables, so even if dad has a lot of cables, he likely does not have many USB-C’s.


The 3 ft. NEVE® USB-C Cable is available in black through Lander for $24.99 including free USPS Ground shipping.  



MyCharge AdventureULTRA Plug

 portable power

Dad is going to love this handy little gadget.  It’s called the myCharge ADVENTUREULTRA Portable Charging Hub and Inverter.  Simply said, it’s a portable plug.  Yep, that’s right, you no longer need an outlet to power your corded electronics!

OK, there is a caveat.  The ADVENTURULTRA can only power items that use up to 45 watts, so there are some limitations.  It can power things like a small fan, wired speakers, a LED lamp, a Mackbook, a small 2-in-2 laptop…and even a LED TV, though it would need to be a smaller size, up to 32″.

The ADVENTURULTRA also acts as a portable charger for phones, tablets, smartwatches, whatever uses a USB plug, as it has 2 fast charging USB ports and a USB-C port.  All ports are covered too, to protect them from dust, wind, and sand.

Dad can use the ADVENTUREULTRA to watch TV outside, power a LED light at a tailgating party, run a fan in the RV at night without the generator, charge a drone at the beach, there are so many options!  And he’ll never run out of power on the airplane with this powerful 13,400 mAh battery.


The myCharge ADVENTUREULTRA portable power charger is available through Best Buy for a greatly reduced price of $64.99 including free shipping.



Brother Printer


Have you thought about a printer for dad?  Perhaps his own personal printer would be just the gift.  With a Brother HL-L2340DW by his computer, he would no longer have to get up and walk to the family printer. 

And since this is a laser printer, he would always get sharp looking documents.  Dad also wouldn’t get upset when the ink is all used up, as he wouldn’t need to worry about everyone in the family using it up before he does!

Though the family may already have a color printer at home, it’s not always cost-effective for the amount of black and white printing dad uses.  The Brother HL-L2340DW compact laser printer is the perfect solution for professional black and white pages.  It can speed print up to 27 pages per minute.  

With its toner ink cartridge, dads will be able to print up to 2600 pages and its paper drawer can handle a full ream of paper, so constantly refilling it is no longer an issue, as with color printers.

The printer also features mobile printing, so dads can print out emails and documents straight from their phone…wirelessly, a great feature!

Dads can connect via USB or through Wi-Fi (though an easy set-up) and it works with both PC’s and Macs.  Its compact size takes up little room on a desk or credenza.


The Brother HL-L2340DW compact laser printer is the first laser printer sold at Target and retails for a very reasonable price of $119.99 plus free shipping or you can find it in the store.



And there it is, our top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads!  A lot of fun gadgets to play with during his Christmas break from work.  

From our family of writers to yours, we wish you the merriest of Christmases!





*We were given most of these items and others, for consideration and testing for possible inclusion in our Christmas Gift Ideas Guides.  All opinions are our own.

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