Wurf Board – Great with a Standing Desk

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The newest trend in home offices and modern workspaces is the standing desk.  The benefits of a standing desk include better posture, it may reduce back pain, and you can lose 50 calories per hour more than sitting.

However, standing in front of a standing desk all day can be tough on your legs and joints.  Look no further than the Wurf Board.  The Wurf Board is an inflatable standing mat that eases the pressure on your joints while standing. 


Let’s Go Wurfing At a Standing Desk!



The Wurf Board has a 2″ high curved edge with an anti-slip design so you can massage your feet.  It stimulates micro-movements which promote muscle contractions, improve blood and enhances productivity. 

The Wurf Board is actually an FDA approved Class 1 medical device to relieve pain in the knees, feet, and back.  



So, what exactly do you do with a Wurf Board?  Well, the most obvious is using the Wurf Board to stand while working on a computer at your standing desk.  However, you can also use the Wurf Board while standing at the sink doing dishes or while watching TV! 

The inflatable board has curved edges to keep you moving throughout the day.  The Wurf Board has two metal rings on either side to attach exercise bands to so you can do some strengthening exercises as well. 



The Wurf Boards use a drop stitch, similar to that of inflatable paddle boards.  The construction is sturdy and you can inflate it to your desired firmness. 

The boards are lightweight, yet able to hold up to 300 lbs, depending on the model.  The no-slip design allows you to use the Wurf Board on any surface; with or without shoes.

The Wurf board is available in three sizes:  Small is 28.3 × 14.2 × 2 inches, max user 200 lb; Medium is 30.9 × 16.7 × 2 inches, max user 250 lb; Large is 32.9 × 17.7 × 2 inches, max user 300 lb.




  • Improves circulations vs. sitting
  • Easy to rock while at your standing desk
  • Improves posture while standing
  • Adjusts to bouncy or firm
  • Find 160+ exercises online to incorporate into your day



The Wurf Board may be purchased on Amazon for $159 including free shipping.



A Mom’s PerspectiveWellConnectedMom.com

Although there is no technology, per se, in the Wurf Board, we feel it’s a helpful accompaniment to a standing desk and eases the pressure on your feet, legs, and back from standing all day at your computer.

The Wurf Board s a versatile product that can be used for young and old.  It helps ease the stiffness in your joints while standing for long periods.  The Wurf Board breaks up the monotony of standing at a standing desk, working in the kitchen, or even doing homework. 

And with over 160 “deskercises,” you can even get some brief 2-minute exercises in throughout the day to strengthen your muscles while working!





*I was provided a Wurf Board for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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