Home Security Covered with Logitech Circle 2

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Home Security – knowing that there is an extra measure of security is important to our family. That extra bit of security is made easier with the new Logitech Circle 2

The Well Connected Mom reviewed the 1st generation Circle last year. With the new Circle 2, Logitech improved many features and kept all the ones that were already great.


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As a family that is getting busier and busier, we have found that both of our Logitech Circles (the 1st generation as well as the Circle 2) have been kept busy. So many uses for this little camera!

Got a delivery? You will get a notification on your phone that someone has approached your door if you are using the camera outside. If we know that we are going to be away for awhile, when we have gotten the notification, we have asked our neighbor to pick it up off our porch.

When we were in the process of selling our house, we used the home security camera to know when people were in our house for a viewing. It worked great – we could even check to see when they left so that we wouldn’t have to stay away for the entire time set up by the realtor. (I won’t lie, I also did a little spying and listened in to get an idea of what people did and didn’t like about our house.)

Recently, I took a part-time job that gets me home a touch later than my kids. They are at the age that I feel comfortable leaving them on their own for a bit.

That being said, I love receiving the alerts that they have arrived safely home. And, I can use the two-way hearing camera to talk with them to remind them of their responsibilities.


Why Logitech Circle 2 Home Security?

The Circle 2 is an indoor and outdoor, weatherproof, 1080p HD home security camera with night vision and up to 180° field-of-view that you can set up in minutes. 

You now have more options and accessories than ever to make the Circle 2 exactly what you need for your home security.

Wires are optional! You can either choose the wired option or the wire-free option that comes with a rechargeable battery and lasts up to three months. We reviewed the wired model.

There are also other options to customize the system to accommodate your needs.


The Window Mount attaches to the inside of your window (wired or wireless) and allows the camera to see what is going on outside. 


The Circle Plug Mount plugs directly into an outlet – no cords!


There is also a weatherproof extension so that you can mount your camera wherever needed outside if the standard length is not long enough

Installation is super easy – you can set the entire thing up in minutes. (It took longer to drill holes into the wall so that I could mount it outside than anything else.) In addition, the Circle 2 box includes a wall bracket, screws, wall anchors, and cable clips – everything you need to mount the camera to an interior or exterior wall.


We set the Circle 2 up outside. Once you have the camera set up, the app will talk you through the rest of the set-up.


The Logi Circle app is extremely user-friendly with a lot of options so that you can control how much you are alerted (or not alerted.) For example, one of our cameras is outside. It picks up a lot of activity including cars driving down the street.

If I choose to be alerted to all activity, I would constantly be alerted. But, you can select High Activity alerts so that you only are alerted when the motion is more significant.

If you subscribe to the Circle Safe Premium app, you can also add a filter that recognizes a person. Inside our house, I can completely disable the alerts when we are home with a simple touch and then turn it on when we go out and about. 



The app also allows you to scroll through the day to see when activity happened on that camera. There are bubbles with the time of day on it that you can click on from whenever the camera sensed activity. That way you can just click on the various bubbles to see what kind of activity was going on rather than needing to scroll through the whole entire day.

You can even create a Day Brief which gives you a rapid account of the entire day. Lots of fun when there has been a lot going on in the house for the day.

If you choose to stick with the free app, you will get 24 hours of footage for free on each camera. If you want more video storage options, you can add Circle Safe Basic which is a $3.99 monthly subscription plan. Circle Safe Premium monthly plan gives you Person Detection, Motion Zones, custom time-lapse Day Briefs and more for $9.99. 

Have more than one camera? Additional cameras added to the Circle Safe plans are 50% off.

You are able to connect multiple cameras to the single app and program each camera in the way that best suits your needs. When you open the app, you will see all of your cameras. From there you can select which cameras you want to check out. The Circle 2 also has many smart home integrations working seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.



The camera is designed to resist the elements if you use it outside. It can withstand temperatures as low as -4º F and as high as 122º F. You can even spray a hose directly at the camera and it will be fine. Wind and rain, no problem! (And we have had lots of both lately.)



  • 1080p HD with a 180º field of view and Night Vision up to 15 ft
  • Weatherproof with the ability to withstand temperatures between -4ºF and 122º F
  • Ability to pan and tilt camera with a rotation of 360º
  • Built-in mono speaker for communication/alerts
  • Works with iOS and Android devices



  • Easy home security set-up
  • User-friendly app that allows you to check on things no matter where you are
  • Allows you to communicate via the app to those that are near the camera (great for parents when kids are home alone)
  • Great HD video and Night Vision pictures



  • Quite sensitive to motion when outside – I found that when it was windy outside and had Christmas decorations up, I got a lot of alerts on my phone saying that there was activity at my front door
  • If you want the extra features that Circle Safe Basic and Premium offer, it will come at a monthly price
  • Depending on the accessories that you want or need, the price can start to get a little high


Whatever your home security needs are – the Circle 2 has you covered. Options range from $179 at Amazon for a single camera to $350 on Amazon for a combo of 2 wired cameras and the Window Mount.  All the accessories mentioned above are also available on Amazon. 

Logitech’s site also has a 3 pack with two wire-free cameras and 1 wired camera available for $429. Many other options are also available for purchase on their site. 



A Mom’s PerspectiveWellConnectedMom.com

Home security for a safe home is a must. I want to be alerted when there is activity going on outside my home. And, it is extremely helpful to know that a package has been delivered to my doorstep in case I am going to be gone for a while.

As a parent, the app is great to check on kids that are home alone. If you have your app set to alert you to motion, you will know when they get home. You can check up on them and you can even talk to them and hear their answer back. 

And, if the camera catches your kids doing something awesome, you can download the footage to preserve the memory!

The accessory options are great. I like that you are able to purchase the extras that you need to make the system your own and not have a ton of random pieces that you don’t really need.

Prefer to go wire-free?  You have that option. If you don’t want to deal with rechargeable batteries, you can buy the wired camera.

If you want to keep an eye on the outside of your house but would prefer to not have the camera outside, the Window Mount is extremely helpful. Cord not quite long enough? You can add the weatherproof extension.

With the instant recording to the cloud, you will always have the footage available for the day, even if a thief carries off with your camera.  You’ll have him/her on camera first!  Circle 2 gives me peace knowing our home security is alert and working even when we are not.







* I was given a Logitech Circle 2 home secuirty for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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