CES 2018: 5 Great Gadgets for Moms

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Another exciting year at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year.  In case you missed it, check out what we felt were the Top 5 Product Trends of CES this year, with respect to families.  Some truly fascinating things are being worked on to dramatically change our future.

As a mom myself, I am always looking for gadgets for moms that make life easier – whether in the baby, toddler, elementary, tween, teen, college, or empty nest stage. 

I love the new products that are now available for new moms.  I know that I had it easier than the moms the generation before me, but what’s available today is truly amazing.  You’ll see a couple of the new and upcoming gadgets for moms we are most excited about below.


5 Gadgets for Moms You’ve Gotta See!


Freemie Freedom Pump



It’s hard for me to fathom the freedom of pumping breast milk hands-free.  I remember endless nights and days of pumping, being restricted to a chair.  Pumping gave me the freedom to take my baby in public without needing to breastfeed on the spot.  It also allowed my husband to feed our baby so I could get a jumpstart on sleep.

Today, there is so much more flexibility.  During my breastfeeding year, the thought of working WHILE pumping would have been thought outlandish.  But it’s now possible with the  Freemie Freedom Pump.  

The Freemie Freedom Pump uses collection cups that are designed to fit into your bra, comfortably and securely.  The collection cups attach to a pump that needs to be plugged in.  So although you won’t be able to stroll in the park and pump, you can work in your kitchen, work in your office, or anywhere else close to a plug.

The beauty is that you can now use both of your hands to care for your baby, work on a spreadsheet, or hold a book.  Pumping mothers have more freedom than ever before.  You can even nurse your baby on one breast while pumping the other…at the same time.

Freemie is dedicated to making it easier for women to breastfeed longer by making it more convenient to pump.  Already have a pump and don’t want to buy the Freemie Freedom Pump? No problem, just buy the Freemie collection cups and you can attach them to the pump you already have. 

Freemie is compatible with a number of popular breastfeeding pumps on the market.  The main difference is in the sound.  The Freemie pump is quieter and more like a consistent sound than a pumping sound.

Just how many women are breastfeeding these days?  According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention),  81% of babies born in 2013 were started out on breastfeeding.  Six months later, 51% were still breastfeeding.  A third of these mothers made it a year. 

Breastfeeding would likely continue longer if it was more convenient.  Freemie makes it more convenient and easier than ever before.


The Freemie Freedom Pump, which comes with two Freemie breast pump collection cups, is on sale right now for $139.95 on the Freemie website.  This is a $50 savings off the regular price.  Better yet, they are adding free shipping on any order over $50 as a New Year’s special.


Cocoon Cam Clarity 

Can you see the Cocoon Cam Clarity? It’s the silver post against the wall, positioned above the crib.


As mentioned in our Top 5 Trends from CES last week, the Cocoon Cam Clarity is another amazing innovation for mothers with babies. 

One of the biggest fears parents have with a newborn is whether s/he is breathing as s/he should, especially when put down to sleep at night. 

Traditional baby cameras allow you to see the baby, but you can’t watch him/her all through the night to ensure s/he’s OK.  It is also hard to hear breathing.

The Cocoon Cam Clarity monitors baby via the camera, but also baby’s respiration.  In fact, it even captures breaths and gives you a live graph of baby’s respiration in its app…all without any contact.

Cocoon Cam Clarity takes in respiration and movement and uses Artificial Intelligence to assess changes in baby’s breathing as well as when a baby is starting to wake up.  It then notifies you via its app.  It’s truly an amazing monitor and sets out to put parents’ worries at ease.

Cocoon Cam Clarity also allows you to see, hear, and even talk to your child, allowing for crystal clear HD streaming and night vision. The cam even has zoom capabilities.  And with the app, you can be connected anywhere in the house…or around the world.  You have a private connection to keep “close” to your baby even when far away.

All this and the Cocoon Cam Clarity looks stylish too, shedding the pragmatic camera design of most baby cams.


The Cocoon Cam Clarity will be coming out later this year, with the chance to pre-order in the Spring.  You can sign up on their  Cocoon Clarity website to be notified of updates and pre-ordering.


HiMirror Mini

 Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all? Well, the HiMirror Mini might not tell you that you are the most beautiful in all the land, but it will talk to you.  The HiMirror Mini is the world’s first voice-interactive smart mirror designed to assist you with your beauty care.

The HiMirror Mini will give you in-depth personalized skin care analysis of your skin and the results of the products you are using.  Scan in skincare products by barcode and the HiMirror Mini will send reminders of product expirations. 

Add your own feedback for each product to keep track of what you like or don’t like.  You can take your feedback with you to the store in the accompanying free HiMirror app to ensure you buy the right products.

The HiMirror Mini can assess the condition of your skin including identifying wrinkles, fine lines, complexion, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, and pores.  It measures these items and sets a baseline as you explore various products to see how they work with your skin.  All this is done through taking a photo and the HiMirror goes to work, giving you an analysis in seconds.

Receive a historical comparison to see how your skin is progressing and compares today’s results with those in previous months.  You’ll finally have a better idea whether a product is actually working or not. 

Learn more about style, make-up, and skincare through beauty video tutorials right at your mirror!  And get this, the virtual make-up feature allows you to see how you would look with certain make-up styles.  See which colors look best from foundations to eyeshadows to lipsticks.

There’s even an option to see how your makeup looks in different lighting scenarios like a sunset view, outside on sunny days, a brightly lit office, shopping mall, grocery store, or restaurant.  The LED lights adjust according to the lighting scenario you want to test. 

Take advantage of the HiMirror Mini’s Alexa skills by asking for your favorite music, asking about the day’s weather, adding things to your shopping list, asking her to purchase products directly from Amazon, or even ordering an Uber car!  The convenience of having Alexa built-into your daily use mirror and into your bathroom gives you so many connected options.

The HiMirror Mini is  13. x 9 inches, with a 10.1” TFT LCD panel and a touchscreen.  It even allows for multiple users, allowing them their own account for privacy.


The HiMirror Mini will be available in late Summer for $249 through the HiMirror website.



Healbe GoBe2

The Healbe GoBe2 is truly a remarkable tracker.  It tracks your steps, heart rate, sleep, calories, etc., just like any other tracker.  It can even track your stress level and hydration automatically. 

But most importantly, the GoBe2 also tracks your calorie INTAKE!  Yes, it can assess how many calories you are eating a day…without the need to enter the data yourself.  It’s truly amazing and the only tracker of its kind that has the capabilities to do this.

In fact, the GoeBe app gives you your Energy Balance which tells you how many calories you’ve consumed versus calories burned.  You’ll know a couple hours after you’ve eaten whether you are at a calorie surplus or deficit.  Can you imagine having this kind of info.?  It will help you to not overheat…or at least exercise a bit more to ensure you do not have a calorie surplus.

Here’s how the GoBe2 works.  Once you eat something, food turns into glucose.  Insulin triggers your cells to absorb the glucose and release water.  The GoBe2 uses its FLOW Technology to measure these changes by sending high and low-frequency signals through your tissue to determine the amount of fluid volume in your cells.

The GoBe2 uses this information along with five activity and stress sensors to monitor nine key health parameters that contribute to your overall health.

Like coffee?  Water hydration levels are important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the GoBe2 helps you track this automatically.  Now you’ll know when you’re dehydrated.  Drink too much coffee without hydrating?  Now you’ll know.  The same is true with exercise.  After you’re done exercising, the GoBe2 will help you to hydrate properly.

With new enhancements made in the GoBe 2 wearable tracker, you can set goals for yourself and even share data with health professionals for wellness coaches for further insight.

The GoBe2 Is water resistant and can be used during baths and showers as well as swimming (except in saltwater).  A single charge can last up to 48 hours and the GoBe2 works with popular apps such as Google Fit, Nokia (Withings) Health, Apple Health, and more.


The Healbe GoBe2 is available right now for $199 plus shipping through the HealBe website.



Gourmia Kitchen Machine


You may not have heard of Gourmia before, but they are an impressive, innovative, USA-based company that has an amazing breadth of countertop appliances for every need in the kitchen.  Everything you need from a rice cooker to ice cream maker to coffee maker to crockpot, to pizza maker!

What really caught my eye this year at Gourmia was their announcement that five of their new appliance models now include Google Assistant. Interesting.

Their Kitchen Machine with Built-In Google Assistant (GKM9000) is the Google Assistant motherload, allowing you voice command access for effortless cooking, and controlling your household lights, thermostat, door locks, and more.

It comes pre-loaded with 100 recipes and gives you the opportunity to add your own recipes as well.  The Kitchen Machine provides step-by-step directions and gives you updates on the progress of your meal.

With its 7 inch screen, you no longer need a phone or tablet to assist you with cooking.  The Kitchen Machine connects to your WiFi and other devices through Bluetooth and can do the work of 7 or more kitchen counter appliances at once.  It weighs ingredients, stirs, chops, whips, bakes, steams, saute’s, sous vide, grinds, mixes, purees, kneads, and even more!

The Kitche Machine truly appears to be an amazing appliance, replacing your food processor, stove, sou vide machine, crockpot, blender, and more.

And as a main Google Assistant hub, you can ask it for weather, find out the news, and even add things to your Google shopping list with ease.  You can even ask your Kitchen Machine to tell you a joke or play a game with you.

It sounds amazing, doesn’t?


Gourmia has not yet confirmed a ship date or pricing for its Gourmia GKM9000 Kitchen Machine, though it’s likely to be available sometime before June.  See CNET’s brief video on the Kitchen Machine at CES for more info.



Some great gadgets for moms, huh?  Although CES is exhausting by going to see exhibitors throughout the whole Las Vegas Strip, it is very satisfying to find amazing products that make moms lives easier.  Not all of these products will make the news; you may have not even known they existed.    Now you do.

Granted, three of these products are not yet available to buy, but they will be within the next few months.  The Healbe GoBe2 and the Freemie Freedom Pump are available now. 

Looking for more great gadgets for moms?  See our Great Gadgets for Moms from last year’s CES and be sure to keep an eye out for our Valentine’s Day Gadgets for the Loves in Your Life


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