Valentine’s Day Gadgets for the Loves in Your Life

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Love is definitely in the air!  We all have loves in our life – our significant other, our children, our mom, our dad, our best friends.  Love surrounds us all. 

There’s nothing wrong with flowers and chocolate, how can you go wrong?  But if you’d like to leave a lasting impression, we gathered together a unique list of 5 Valentine’s Day gadgets to delight any of the loves of your life!


5 Valentine’s Day Gadgets


Air by Crazybaby Wireless Headphones



Looking to add some beautiful music and style to your love’s ears? Crazybaby’s Air Wireless earbuds will rock your Valentine’s ears. Air is the first carbon nanotube true wireless stereo headphones, giving ears more comfort and an ergonomic design, while at the same time an amazing high-fidelity sound.

Air utilizes a 5.2 mm customized speaker design with the latest CSR ship that delivers an immersive music experience.  It comes in three different sizes to fit all sizes as ears as well as an appropriate sized Air Leash, made of ultralight medical-grade silicone for use with strenuous exercise.

Air comes with Noise Isolation Technology and a silicon microphone to provide reliable call quality while preventing background noise too.

And Crazybaby made sure that your favorite voice assistant is along for the ride.  Simply by pressing the left earbud twice, you can access Google Assistant, Siri, or Cortana, whichever one you like to use.  It’s super convenient to set a timer, create an appointment, ask the latest stock price of your favorite stock, etc.

Air uses the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology with its increased data transmission speed, less energy consumption, and broader roaming range from your phone.

All of this and Air comes in the coolest Portable Charging Pod to protect and easily charge your earbuds.


Air is currently available in black or white and sells on the crazybaby website for $169 and includes shipping.  They will have a lot of other really cool colors available soon.


Ventev  Wallport


We’ve been big fans of Ventev for a good number of years.  They offer quality mobile accessory products with tons of options for your charging needs.  Their charging cords are available from 6 inches to 6 feet in a bunch of different colors, giving you convenience as well as variety – no more boring white or black cords!

But the secret to fast charging is the power pack you plug into your wall outlet.  Ventev has designed a number of different options with a rapid charge feature so you can charge your phone faster.

We particularly like their Wallport r430 which allows you to charge multiple devices at once.  It supports the latest USB Type-C connector as well as three standard USB ports for your other devices.  

Your love may not have an USB-Type C phone or device yet, but s/he will soon.  By 2020, tech companies will ship 3 billion Type-C devices in their phones, laptops, home theaters, office productivity, and medical devices.  Even the Go-Pro will use Type-C power.

So the Wallport r430 can be used for the regular USB ports for cords today and the Type-C port for the future when a Type-C device is purchased.

The Wallport r430 is great in the office, the kitchen, and it’s a lifesaver when traveling – just plug it behind the bedside table and charge all devices at once.

It has auto-detect technology built in so it can intelligently give the maximum amount of amps a device can handle. It will not overcharge your devices, no matter how long you have it plugged into the Wallport.


The Ventev Wallport r430 is available from Amazon for $32.40 including free shipping.




Perfect for moms and daughters alike, the Revolar Instinct  is a one-inch wearable discreet personal safety device that can help send a message out to designated contacts in case of an emergency or just to “check in” to say s/he has arrived somewhere.

Developed by Jacqueline Ros after her sister was sexually assaulted twice, she set out to develop a personal wearable device that could discreetly send a message to friends or loved ones without needing to grab for a phone.

Unfortunately, being sexually assaulted is all too common.  Once every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. Furthermore, 1 in 4 women in the U.S. has experienced sexual assault in her lifetime.  These numbers are just too high.  Women need tools to help them feel more secure and know help is on the way.

The Revolar Instinct is the perfect personal safety companion, accompanying your love when running errands, go for a run, commute, work late, go to classes at school, concerts, nights out, dating,  traveling, you name it.

It’s also great for your aging parents to keep an eye on their whereabouts.

The Revolar Instinct links to your love’s phone.  When its button is pressed, her phone sends out a message to those its set up to notify.  Here’s how alerts are sent out:

1 button press and hold until chirp –  Check-in – sends current location via text and/or email

2 rapid button presses – Yellow Alert – can indicate that your love feels uncomfortable and would like to be contacted

3 or more rapid button presses –  Red Alert, signaled by three or more rapid presses, may indicate that your love needs immediate assistance

Should the button have been pressed by mistake, your love can cancel it on her phone.  With any of these alerts, all contacts will be notified by email and/or text as well as a location until the alert is canceled.

There is no monthly fee for this service.  It is all built into the connection with your love’s phone.  If your love’s phone battery is dead, however, alerts will not be sent out, so a battery pack is good to have too.

The Revolar Instinct was designed to look like a small tracker, it’s pretty but discreet.  And it does also serve as a step tracker as well as an item finder.  Should your love put the Instinct in her purse, on her keys, or on her backpack, if she loses it, you can use the app to help track its last location.

Although the Revolar Instinct is not rechargeable, it uses a coin cell CR2032 battery that can easily be replaced from the local drugstore when it gets used up.  A message will be sent to the app to let the user know when it only has 10% of battery power left.


Revolar Instinct is available on Amazon for just under $60, including free shipping.



Rocketbook Everlast



At first glance, our next Valentine’s Day gadget may not seem to techy.  The Rocketbook Everlast is a 6 in x 8.8in (or 8.5×11)  reusable notebook designed to marry the benefits of your normal handwriting with the benefits of technology. 

Write notes using the included Pilot FriXon Clicker erasable pen.  Make a mistake?  Just erase it with the included pen’s eraser.  

Each Rocketbook Everlast comes with 18 pages (36 if you count both sides) to help you organize your life, jot down notes, draw, plan strategically, keep track of baby feedings, whatever you need it for.

To connect your Everlast to the cloud, download the Rocketbook app and attach your favorite cloud services to each symbol in the app.  Cloud services include Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Docs, Box, email, and more.  You can even get more targeted by identifying a particular folder within these cloud services.


When you’re done with a page and want to keep it in the cloud for safekeeping, simply put a check mark on the symbol at the bottom of the page where you would like the page to be sent to.

Now open the app to scan the page.  It will send the page as a jpeg or pdf (whatever you choose) to the cloud services connected to the symbol you checked. 

You have up to 7 options to send the page to.  Once it’s sent to the cloud, you can open it to print it, add more notes around it, or just archive it.  It’s super easy.

At this point, you can decide to keep your handwritten notes in Everlast or erase them to make room for new notes/drawings. 

But you don’t need to use the small pen eraser to erase whole pages.  Simply dampen a towel and wash off the writing on your pages.  Everlast is meant to do just that….last forever.  No need to get replenishment pages.


RocketBook Everlast is perfect for your Valentine – big or small.  Everlast can be purchased Amazon for $32 including shipping.



eniTAB360 Tablet Holder


Does your love or little love use a tablet a lot to watch YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu?  Tablets offer the best portable solution – you can be anywhere to watch your favorite videos, movies, or shows.  Especially now with Netflix’s ability to download certain movies to your tablet’s hard drive for offline viewing.
I have to laugh because we have several TV’s in the house, all equipped with the ability to watch Netflix, and both my children prefer to watch Netflix on their tablets.  It’s certainly a different generation.   
The eniTAB 360 is a large universal tablet holder that can hold any tablet with a screen size between 8.5 inches and 13 inches.  It’s very simplistic and weighs hardly anything.  Its patented micro-suction securely grips onto your tablet while its 360-degree non-slip rubber foot stabilizes the tablet on your desk, floor, or bed.
The eniTAB360 can rotate for vertical or horizontal viewing and its micros-suction cup and can be reused without leaving any marks or residue.  Once taken off, you can fold the eniTAB360 flat for easy storage or portability.
Available in stone color or black finish, the eniTAB360 is available on Amazon for $19.99 plus shipping.
And that concludes our Valentine’s Day gadgets list for the loves of your life.  We’ve tested each of these items through everyday family use and these were our favorite.  With varying prices to fit any budget, these Valentine’s Day gadgets are sure to make a lasting impression.
*We were given each of these items (and others) for evaluation, at our request, for possible inclusion in our Valentine’s Day Gadgets gift guide.  All opinions are our own.






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