The Best Tech from BlogHer ’14

best tech from BlogHer '14

    After a whirlwind weekend of attending BlogHer, a mostly woman blogger conference in San Jose, I couldn't wait to come back and report to you some of the best tech from BlogHer.  BlogHer is a conference involving lots of speakers to help you utilize social media better, reach further audiences, and hone in on your writing … [Read more...]

Indoor Grilling: No Guessing When Your Meat is Done


  Not too long ago we told you about the iGrill and how to tell when your meat is cooked at just the right temperature on the outside grill.  Today, we're excited to tell you about an indoor grill, namely the T-fal OptiGrill.  The OptiGrill also helps you determine the right time to take your meat off the indoor grill, depending upon how … [Read more...]

Do You Want to Build a Snow Cone?

Rival Blizzard

I am always looking for fun, do it yourself type of activities for our kids to teach them how to make fun treats at home...without having to spend an arm and a leg.  My kids love food...I guess the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree...and one of their favorite activities is to make food...especially desserts. One of our favorite food makers we … [Read more...]

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