Is Popcorn Healthy?

Is popcorn healthy Presto Popcorn maker Main

I remember growing up, my Dad made the best popcorn. He poured oil and popcorn kernels into a pan and put a lid on top, with a vent so the steam could come out.  We loved his popcorn.  We never came to question, is popcorn healthy?  We just ate it. Now I make popcorn the same way Dad did for my kids.  The microwave … [Read more...]

Dyson’s Cordless Vacuum Cuts the Cord

cordless vacuum

  I'll admit it, I'm not much of a vacuumer.  The only time I vacuum is when I know someone is coming over...which fortunately, is quite often.  I only say fortunately, because I shudder to think how bad my house would look if I didn't HAVE to vacuum. Don't get me wrong, I hate walking into the kitchen and seeing small chip bits … [Read more...]

Using a Japanese Rice Cooker to Make Meals Simpler

Tiger Japanese Rice Cooker Main

The school year starts for us on Monday.  Summer just went by much too fast.  I enjoyed the time I got to spend with our kids, amazed by the things they are learning...and even teaching me a few things! I know that along with the start of school comes a hectic schedule.  With my daughter starting junior high this year, we'll have … [Read more...]

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