7 Kitchen Appliances To Make Life Easier

  There are so many different kitchen appliances available today, it gets overwhelming!  I'm sure if you did a count of the number of appliances in your kitchen, it would be at least 10.  We have reviewed a number of fun and/or helpful kitchen appliances at WellConnectedMom and there are a number of them that still get … [Read more...]

Do Air Fryers Work?

    Do air fryers work?  You've seen the latest rave in frying, it's called air frying.  Just what is air frying and do air fryers work...without oil?  Can they really "fry" a potato chip? As someone who loves potato chips and french fries, I just had to know. Prices of air fryers have come down.  I … [Read more...]

Taking Control of Your Indoor Air Quality

    We often talk about our outside air quality (especially in California), but we spend 90% of our time indoors, do you know what the indoor air quality is of your office?  Your home?  Due to poor ventilation practices, our indoor air is up to 8 times more polluted than our outdoor quality!  Surprising, isn't? … [Read more...]

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