Rocking the House with the Phorus PS5 Speaker & Giveaway!

  Our family likes having sound in the background when we are in the house. A lot of times I catch my boys turning on the TV and not even really watching it. They just want the noise. We are a musical family and love listening to music but sometimes it is just simpler to turn on the TV for noise. We recently were introduced to the … [Read more...]

Power in a Snap – Decluttering Your Outlets

  Decluttering Your Outlets I am always looking for things that will help de-clutter and simplify my life. We have a ton of electronic devices around the house and there are just as many cords to go with them making a mess out of my kitchen counter. In addition to the cords, there is also a power supply that goes with many of them. In … [Read more...]

A Family Review of STAR WARS: The Force Awakens & GIVEAWAY!

  We saw it!!!!  Our family bought our tickets to the Star Wars:  The Force Awakens movie early on Fandango when tickets first came on sale.  With pre-sale tickets toppling $100 million...before the movie has even been released, one sure hopes it's worth all the hype! We wanted to see it the first night, which was actually … [Read more...]

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