Indoor Grilling: No Guessing When Your Meat is Done


  Not too long ago we told you about the iGrill and how to tell when your meat is cooked at just the right temperature on the outside grill.  Today, we're excited to tell you about an indoor grill, namely the T-fal OptiGrill.  The OptiGrill also helps you determine the right time to take your meat off the indoor grill, depending upon how … [Read more...]

How To Watch Over Your Teen’s Driving

Safe Driver Car Connection

  *  As a Straight Talk Tester, I have been given monthly service and a phone to use throughout the remainder of the year.  All opinions are my own.   Does it drive you crazy when your teenage son or daughter is using your car and you have no control as to how they are driving, if they are driving somewhere else than where they … [Read more...]

10 Family Tech Tools for the Open Road

Family Tech Tools

  Taking a road trip this Summer?  How about traveling with a rental car?  Our family recently took a road trip where we flew to Memphis, TN, rented a car, and traveled through Birmingham, AL down to New Orleans, LA.  We visited my mother-in-law's family along the way and had a great time.  With so many hours in the car at a time, I wanted … [Read more...]

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