An Economical Tablet for Back To School + Giveaway

HP Stream 8 Economical Tablet

Is your child asking for a tablet to take to school?  If not, s/he may be asking soon.  My daughter began asking in 5th grade.  In fact, the school sent home an electronic device contract for my daughter and I to sign that stated that if she brought an electronic device to school, it would only be used for reading and that the … [Read more...]

Enbrighten your Room the Easy Way

GE Enbrighten

Is there an area in your house you just wish you had more light?  Perhaps there are multiple areas.  GE recently came out with a new product line called Enbrighten.  Enbrighten is a patented LED technology that can brighten a room with amazing energy efficiency.  GE boasts that you'll never need to change the bulb, it's so efficient. GE … [Read more...]

iExpand Your iPhone’s Storage


Do you wish you had more space on your iPhone?  Do you find yourself needing to transfer files to your PC in order to have enough space for a new app or to take more pictures?  This is such a chore and who remembers how to do transfer things anyways? Sandisk has come out with their  iXpand Flash Drive to making transferring pictures and videos … [Read more...]

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