Power in a Snap – Decluttering Your Outlets

  Decluttering Your Outlets I am always looking for things that will help de-clutter and simplify my life. We have a ton of electronic devices around the house and there are just as many cords to go with them making a mess out of my kitchen counter. In addition to the cords, there is also a power supply that goes with many of them. In … [Read more...]

Top 5 Family Tech Articles in 2015

  It's been a great year for WellConnectedMom.  We have doubled our readership and increased our reach through search engines, and social channels.  Our Mom team of Jamie Wiersma, Julie Taylor, and myself enjoy exploring different areas of family to help make family life easier. Thank you for taking the time to read our … [Read more...]

5 Top Star Wars Toys for Your Jedi (Big and Small!)

  Do you have your tickets yet?  Star Wars:  The Force Awakens is poised to be the biggest blockbuster of all time!  The momentum has been building since Disney bought the franchise for $4 billion in 2012.  After years of intense, top-secret filming, the first film has been released! Once again, a new … [Read more...]

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