Join Me on a Panda Pop Adventure!

  Have you tried playing the Panda Pop app yet?  It's a fun mama bear game where you need to pop bubbles to save all of the baby pandas.  What mom wouldn't want to do that?  And those baby pandas are so cute too! If you aren't playing Panda Pop already, I invite you to join me.  Although we cannot play directly … [Read more...]

Mom Gamers: The New Generation of Mobile Gamers

  Throw out everything you think you know about gamers. Believe it or not, it isn't teenage boys or millennial men in their 30's that make up the largest demographic of gamers, but adult women, many of whom are mothers...that's right...mom gamers! And if you're reading this blog, this mom gamers label may just describe you! So how … [Read more...]

Is Virtual Reality Relevant to Your Family?

    I had the opportunity to go to VRLA (Virtual Reality Los Angeles) today in downtown LA.  It wasn't the biggest convention I've ever been to, though they touted is is the biggest Virtual Augmented Reality expo in the world.  Most of the big Virtual Reality (VR) brands were there like Oculus Rift, Radeon, and … [Read more...]

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