Family Fun with the Girls Nerf Rebelle

Nerf Rebelle

Our family enjoys fighting.  In fact, we revel in it.  Typically, it's the girls versus the boys, but we've been known to switch sides at times.  Our main vice?  Nerf Battle wars! Our family loves having Nerf blaster wars.  We have 5 blasters...but not all of them are Nerf.  The non-Nerf blasters don't seem to work very well and their … [Read more...]

Fun with Mario Party 10!

Mario Party 10

My 9-year-old son loves Mario.  Though he's only a recent Mario Bros. lover.  We've had a Wii for years, but somehow never ventured over to the Mario Bros. side.  We used our Wii for sports games and fitness.  But about a year ago we got the Super Mario Bros. U game and my son...and our family...was hooked. We love that all four of us can play … [Read more...]

Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes

Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel S

Who doesn't like Disney?  When Disney first came out with their Disney Infinity Starter Pack and many of their loveable characters to go with the  game, Disney fans went crazy.  Kids loved the idea of playing with a bunch of their favorite Disney characters in make-up scenarios in their family room, then turn around and export them through the … [Read more...]

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