Pans Made with Healthy Technology

GreenLife Thermolon Pans

  In 2006, 90% of all aluminum pans sold had a Teflon (or similar) coating on them which made them easy to clean and needed less oil/butter to cook foods*.  Teflon pans hit households by storm and everyone had one, two, or more.  There's been a lot of talk over the years about Teflon pans and their possible health hazards. A number of … [Read more...]

Is Your Pharmacy on Your Phone?

Walmart pharmacy on your phone

I recently came back from a trip to Walmart.com headquarters in San Bruno, CA.  Walmart.com is responsible for all Walmart websites as well as the Walmart app.  Now,  I know we all have hundreds of apps on our phones and it just gets too crowded to add an app for every store you visit too.  But, the Walmart app is one to really consider … [Read more...]

Walmart Electronics New Look

Walmart electronics

While with my fellow Walmart Moms in Bentonville, AR, home of Walmart headquarters in June, we were given a tour of the newly improved Electronics department in Walmart.  It looked fantastic.  It was easy to find things, there was a long row of TV's all playing the same thing, you could actually touch and play with the tablets, and there fitness … [Read more...]

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