Triby, Your New Family Communication Center

  While at CES, I came across a device that intrigued me called Triby.  Triby is a family communication center device with strong magnets that hangs on your refrigerator.  Triby is unlike anything I've seen before, it's unique and it continues to innovate with valuable features to make Triby a valuable family … [Read more...]

HP 3700 All-In-One Printer For Back to School!

  It seems likely almost everything is electronic in our world today.  The need for a printer can seem almost obsolete.  However, with 5 kids starting school this week, I am reminded that papers still need to get printed and copies still need to get made.  The HP 3700 is not only the world's smallest all-in-one printer, it … [Read more...]

The Harmony Elite – One Remote for One Touch TV Entertainment

  Too many remotes! TV, Cable, Apple TV, DVD, Wii…they all have remotes! Those remotes get stuck in the cushions of the couch, end up underneath the couch, or get laid on the end table and someone covers them up with a magazine. It seems like I am always asking, “Where’s the remote?” Plus, with all of the different devices attached to … [Read more...]

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