Rocking the House with the Phorus PS5 Speaker & Giveaway!

  Our family likes having sound in the background when we are in the house. A lot of times I catch my boys turning on the TV and not even really watching it. They just want the noise. We are a musical family and love listening to music but sometimes it is just simpler to turn on the TV for noise. We recently were introduced to the … [Read more...]

Use This Health Scale to Get Ready for Summer

  With the Winter months over and Spring in the air, now is a good time to get out of your cocoon (home) and focus on eating well and getting in some exercise before Summer begins. I believe a good way to watch your weight is by weighing yourself daily...or at least 3-4 times a week.  It's the best way to keep track of where your … [Read more...]

Tired of 3 AM Fire Alarm Chirps?

      We have lived in our current house for 3 1/2 years now.  I think we have heard fire alarm chirps in the wee hours of the morning about 3 times now.  It amazes me how the chirping always happens in the middle of the night, rather than during the day.  And I know that my experience is not too uncommon … [Read more...]

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