Holiday Recipe for Fire Safety

fire safety

  Kitchen Fires Happen in an Instant A couple of weeks ago, I came home from the store with a trunk full of groceries.  Like most every mom, I tried to carry in all of the bags with one load (please tell me you can relate - it will make me feel better)! I struggled to load the bags on my arms, open the front door with my elbow and foot, and … [Read more...]

Join us for a #NextpertMegaTrends Monday 1pm PST


  WOOHOO!  We now have over $1,000 in prizes to give away!  Help us spread the word!   It's time for another fun, fast-moving #NextpertMegatrends Twitter party!  We are super excited to introduce to you a new tech product on the market that will make your life easier!  It's called the SWASH Express Clothing Care System and it … [Read more...]

Streaming Tivo on Your Android Tablet!

streaming Tivo

I am so excited to announce that Tivo is now streaming on Android devices (Android 4.1 or later, non-Intel or AMD chipset).  Yeah!  Previously, you could access your Tivo box using the Tivo app to record new shows, delete shows from your queue, and see what's on TV, but you couldn't watch shows from your Tivo on your Android devices...only on your … [Read more...]

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