Dyson’s Cordless Vacuum Cuts the Cord

cordless vacuum

  I'll admit it, I'm not much of a vacuumer.  The only time I vacuum is when I know someone is coming over...which fortunately, is quite often.  I only say fortunately, because I shudder to think how bad my house would look if I didn't HAVE to vacuum. Don't get me wrong, I hate walking into the kitchen and seeing small chip bits … [Read more...]

Why My Family Loves Our Central Vacuum

central vac

  For kids, cleaning and fun go together like water and oil. Chore time is often met with groans of contempt, but that doesn’t mean our children shouldn’t feel a sense of responsibility when it comes to household duties. In fact, HOW we present housework is just as important as the actual jobs we’re asking our kids to do. One way I … [Read more...]

Keep Careful Watch over Your Baby with iBaby M6

iBaby M6

Last week we published an article on How to Choose A Baby Monitor.  It included all the bootcamp basics you need to know to buy the right baby monitor for your needs. After writing the guide, we had the opportunity to test out the new iBaby Monitor M6 .  The M6 is iBaby's top-of-the-line monitor and can be classified, according to our How to … [Read more...]

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