Make Your Home a Smart Home with Switchmate

  Setting up your home as a smart home has been all the rage these past 5+ years.  A smart home can control your lights, thermometer, music, and more.   Although many people have jumped on the Smart Home bandwagon, there are still are a number who have not due to a lack of understanding how to use it, a lack of technical … [Read more...]

TENS and How This Drug-free Pain Relief Works

  Before attending CES this year, AccuRelief reached out to journalists asking us to try their TENS pain relief product, to lessen the burden of heavy backpacks and miles of walking during the show. I was intrigued.  I've heard about TENS.  Many chiropractors have been using TENS for over 30 years, though I wasn't aware that … [Read more...]

Install A Wireless Car Backup Camera Yourself!

  The RearVision Car Backup Camera was one of our favorite gift suggestions for Moms in our Top Tech 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms guide.  If you have a car without a backup camera, chances are you don't know what you're missing...or maybe you do.  My husband has one in his car and now he can't stand to drive my car, because I … [Read more...]

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