Phone Memory Full? 3 Ways to Increase Phone Storage

  Smartphones allow you to always have a camera with you.  We can capture moments we never could before and as a result, we are taking up to thousands of pictures a year and keeping them in our phone storage.  By the end of 2016, it is estimated over 1,138 trillion photos will be taken this year.  In 2013, total photos … [Read more...]

Zuli Smartplug Control Your Lamps, Christmas Tree Lights, and More!

  Meet the Zuli Smartplug, which happened to make the Well Connected Mom's Top 10 Gadgets for Christmas list! It is small, sleek, easy to set up and works with your Nest Thermostat. Standard smartplugs offer the ability to turn your lamps and appliances on/off. You can even create a schedule of when you want your lights to turn on … [Read more...]

Save Shipping Costs By Using Walmart Pickup

 Every year, I order more and more online, it's efficient, more fun than facing lines at the stores, and takes less time.  But sometimes I find an item that's perfect for the kids, but I don't have enough items in my shopping basket to qualify for free shipping.   Sure, I could wait a little longer and perhaps I'll think of more … [Read more...]

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