Preparing Vegetable Noodle Lasagna Ahead of Time

vegetable noodle

  Now that it's Summer, I have a little more time to think about and cook healthier meals for my family.  I want to incorporate as many veggies and fruits as possible.  Yet, at the same time, with working all day and joining in on our family's favorite time to play sports outside before dinner, I don't want to spend a lot of … [Read more...]

Project Your Shows Anywhere with PicoAir


Now you can watch your picture slideshows, Internet videos, and Netflix movies anywhere you want...even on your ceiling!  With Cellulon's new innovative Pico projectors, you can get laser sharp projections from your phone or tablet on any surface. Cellulon's Pico projectors always remain in focus, so you never have to fuss with focusing.  Pico's … [Read more...]

Fandango App: Your Go-To Movie Resource

Fandango app

Your kids have been bugging you to take them to the latest movie, Inside Out.  You know nothing about the movie, so what do you do?  If you're like most parents, you head to the web to check out what movie critics have said about it.  You may check out movie databases or even Facebook to see what fellow parents are commenting about it. Say you … [Read more...]

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