Out of Juice? The Monster POWERCARD Can Help


While at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, I attended the Monster Press Meeting.  "Head Monster," Noel Lee, always comes up on stage to introduce the latest products every year...on his Segway.  This year, they had a special guest,  Shaq, come on stage to introduce one of their latest product innovations.  Shaq introduced us to the new … [Read more...]

SUPERBOOK & Praise in a Basket


  Can you believe Easter is already upon us?  Wow, I feel like we just had Christmas.  Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the time of year Spring comes in, with green hills and beautiful blooming flowers everywhere.  Yes, even in Southern California, we get to witness the beauty of Spring, though our seasonal change is not … [Read more...]

How to Strengthen Your Cellphone Coverage at Home with Link2Cell & Giveaway


    Do you find that your cellphone works great everywhere else...except throughout your home?  Is there one or two good spots for cellphone reception, but the rest of the house is a dead zone?  Have you missed calls before because you are in the kitchen and your cellphone is in the office?  Or you keep your cellphone in your … [Read more...]

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