Mom Gamers: The New Generation of Mobile Gamers

  Throw out everything you think you know about gamers. Believe it or not, it isn't teenage boys or millennial men in their 30's that make up the largest demographic of gamers, but adult women, many of whom are mothers...that's right...mom gamers! And if you're reading this blog, this mom gamers label may just describe you! So how … [Read more...]

Yahtzee with Buddies

  Are you a Yahtzee fan?  I remember playing Yahtzee as a kid, it's such a game of chance, you would never know how your final score would end up.   Dependent upon which list you look at, Yahtzee is in the top 15 best board games of all time, as ranked by users at ranker.com.  It continues to sell well, landing at #35 … [Read more...]

Best Phone Chargers: Reeljuice and Ventev

  What are the best phone chargers?  Well, chargers are one of those items that we don't get all excited about - waiting on pins and needles for the newest release.  However, the moment your phone starts beeping that warning sound - the "you have less than 5% battery left" - you start scrambling to find the closest charger.  … [Read more...]

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