BACtrack: Are YOU Safe to Drive?


  Have you ever been out to dinner or to a party where you had a few drinks and wondered if you were safe to drive?  Or perhaps wondered if your husband or friend were safe to drive?  You probably are safe...right? The risk is far too great to hope that you are safe to drive.  Especially with kids who count on you, it's best to be sure.  … [Read more...]

Time for a Phone Upgrade? Consider the Note 4

The Note 4 is Here. Ready for a Phone Upgrade?

I have been a Samsung Galaxy fan now for several years, since the Samsung Galaxy S3.  What I like about Samsung is that they are sincerely interested in giving their consumers the best possible technology available.  Unlike Apple, they do not hold their consumers back with only an 8 MP camera and severely lacking zoom capabilities. Samsung … [Read more...]

Are You Talking to Your Child About Alcohol?

FAAR - Grab the Goodies App

This is a sponsored post by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (FAAR).   My daughter is now 11 1/2.  I have spent much of her life protecting and shielding her from things I feel are inappropriate for her age.  Her elementary school has been teaching her to say no to drugs since she was in first grade.  I've always … [Read more...]

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