Is Your Pharmacy on Your Phone?

Walmart pharmacy on your phone

I recently came back from a trip to Walmart.com headquarters in San Bruno, CA.  Walmart.com is responsible for all Walmart websites as well as the Walmart app.  Now,  I know we all have hundreds of apps on our phones and it just gets too crowded to add an app for every store you visit too.  But, the Walmart app is one to really consider … [Read more...]

Grilling? Is the Meat Ready Yet?

meat ready yet

  One of our top gadget recommendations for Dads and Grads this Summer is the iGrill mini.  Do you hate having to lift the grill lid constantly to see, is the meat ready? The iGrill mini includes one meat probe that you put into a piece of your meat and which connects to the iDevices Connected app to let you know when your meat has reached … [Read more...]

WeCall – Making Conference Calls Clearer


Philips came out with a new  speaker for your phone or laptop called the WeCall.  It links to your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth and to your laptop via USB. Does it play music?  Yes.  But that's not its main purpose. The Philips WeCall contains 4 separate microphones with echo cancellation (means the microphones won't create feedback … [Read more...]

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