LightUp Possibilities in Your Child’s Mind

LightUp Edison Kit

We are excited to tell you about a hands-on STEM learning engineering toy, the LightUp Edison Kit.  As you know, we are big fans of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) products for kids at WellConnectedMom.  Anything that helps kids better understand how any of these subject areas can actually be fun and thought-provoking are an A+ … [Read more...]

Small Bluetooth Speaker, Monster Sound

Monster sound

Monster's new SuperStar Bluetooth speaker is touted as the world's smallest audiophile speaker.  Basically, this means that those of us who demand high-fidelity sound (audiophiles), will be impressed.  If you're looking for Monster sound, the SuperStar is the wireless speaker for you. It's always fun reviewing a speaker or music … [Read more...]

Family Fun with the Girls Nerf Rebelle

Nerf Rebelle

Our family enjoys fighting.  In fact, we revel in it.  Typically, it's the girls versus the boys, but we've been known to switch sides at times.  Our main vice?  Nerf Battle wars! Our family loves having Nerf blaster wars.  We have 5 blasters...but not all of them are Nerf.  The non-Nerf blasters don't seem to work very well and their … [Read more...]

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