Relief for Nausea in Sight on the High Seas

  Our family loves to cruise, but getting seasick is not something we handle well.  For the most part, the cruises we've taken in past years haven't caused any sea sickness, but all it takes is one rough day at sea or even a somewhat mild sea day but with ceaseless rocking. My family and I just came back from a cruise to Japan. … [Read more...]

Play Ping Pong to Unplug with Your Family

  Did you know that if you enter the words "ping pong table games" into Google all you get is a bunch of ping pong games online and links for apps?  I thought that was pretty funny.  You see, we have been enjoying our Killerspin ping pong table now for 5 months and I wanted to look up some other fun ways to play pong on our table. … [Read more...]

The Best Upcoming Family Video Games from E3 2016

  As we do every year, WellConnectedMom visited the E3 Gaming Convention this past week in Los Angeles to scout out the best upcoming family video games.   To our surprise, finding fun family video games was a little tougher this year.  Disney Interactive, a staple in our visits to E3, decided not to host a … [Read more...]

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