An Economical Tablet for Back To School + Giveaway

HP Stream 8 Economical Tablet

Is your child asking for a tablet to take to school?  If not, s/he may be asking soon.  My daughter began asking in 5th grade.  In fact, the school sent home an electronic device contract for my daughter and I to sign that stated that if she brought an electronic device to school, it would only be used for reading and that the … [Read more...]

Why Parental Monitoring Apps Are Necessary

Parental Monitoring Apps Main

When it comes to tweens and teens and cellphones, there are two philosophies.  One camp of parents believe that everything a child does on a cellphone should be monitored.  The other camp believes that children deserve their privacy and if their kid is a good kid, surveillance isn't needed. Having heard a number of stories from parents through … [Read more...]

The Perfect Selfie Stick

XShot Selfie Stick Main

Selfies are growing up.  Now, it's not enough to just take a picture of yourself, but your family or friends too!  But getting everyone in the shot is tough, your arm just isn't long enough!  And even if you do get everyone in the picture, forget trying to show the scenery behind you! Beginning in 2007, XShot built their entire business on … [Read more...]

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