Getting on Track with the vivosmart Tracker + Giveaway

vivosmart tracker

  The holidays are almost here and I am already looking in the mirror thinking “I can’t gain ANY more weight…I need to lose some!” Then I think, oh, but I LOVE turkey, mashed potatoes and there’s this awesome recipe for Pumpkin Meringue Pie that I really want to try. No matter what your fitness level, Garmin has a product that can help … [Read more...]

Parental Advice Before Giving Your Child a Phone

giving your child a phone

  Thinking of giving your child a phone?  What should you know before your child first turns on his/her phone for the first time? We liken a child's first cellphone to driving for the first time.  Educating your child  and giving him/her limits before s/he starts using a cellphone (or driving) is important … [Read more...]

Find Your Lost Things (or People) with Tile!

find your lost things

  This is possibly the most excited I have been about a review all year.  Every single day my husband and I ask each other, "Hey, where are the keys?"  It seems like we are constantly running kids around and have a bad habit of just dropping the keys down where ever they land.  They could be on the desk, the ottoman, the … [Read more...]

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