Out of Juice? The Monster POWERCARD Can Help


While at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, I attended the Monster Press Meeting.  "Head Monster," Noel Lee, always comes up on stage to introduce the latest products every year...on his Segway.  This year, they had a special guest,  Shaq, come on stage to introduce one of their latest product innovations.  Shaq introduced us to the new … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday: Fave 80′s Shows on Netflix

Netflix 80's shows

As a member of the Netflix Stream Team, we were given the challenge to think back to our youth and see what favorite shows from our childhood are  on Netflix.  I expected to see a few of them...but I actually came up with ten 80's shows that I used to watch while growing up.  I was shocked to see how many were available. In fact, there are many … [Read more...]

Track Your Family’s Devices with Centralized Charging

centralized charging

    Where do you charge your phone each day/night?  In the kitchen?  By your bedside?  In your office?  What about your husband's phone?  Your kids' phones/tablets?  Wouldn't be nice to have once place to charge everyone's devices?  Typically this won't work because there are not enough plugs.   Why a Centralized Charging Station … [Read more...]

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