Can Pressure Washing Actually Be Fun?

  We have been enjoying our Summer vacation.  We spent the first month with sport events and traveling.  Now we are ready to ease into the dog days of Summer.  But after a lot of running around, our backyard and cars are looking a bit dirty and dusty. It's obvious that we have a bit of cleanup to do first before we begin … [Read more...]

The New Face of the Samsung Smartwatch

  We are big Samsung Gear Watch fans.  We had the original Samsung Gear Watch back in 2013.  The Samsung Gear Smartwatch has changed over the years, it has gotten smaller and more stylish.  It is also the reason why I started wearing a watch again.  Is all the fun technology worth wearing a watch again?   In our … [Read more...]

Relief for Nausea in Sight on the High Seas

  Our family loves to cruise, but getting seasick is not something we handle well.  For the most part, the cruises we've taken in past years haven't caused any sea sickness, but all it takes is one rough day at sea or even a somewhat mild sea day but with ceaseless rocking. My family and I just came back from a cruise to Japan. … [Read more...]

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