The New Face of the Samsung Smartwatch

  We are big Samsung Gear Watch fans.  We had the original Samsung Gear Watch back in 2013.  The Samsung Gear Smartwatch has changed over the years, it has gotten smaller and more stylish.  It is also the reason why I started wearing a watch again.  Is all the fun technology worth wearing a watch again?   In our … [Read more...]

Look, No Hands! with Logi ZeroTouch

  With three busy boys, it feels like I am a full-time chauffeur. Bringing them and picking them up from school, sports practices, church activities among other things keep us on the road a lot. Ding! My phone makes its sound letting me know that someone has sent me a message. I really try to avoid the temptation of texting back while I … [Read more...]

Yahtzee with Buddies

  Are you a Yahtzee fan?  I remember playing Yahtzee as a kid, it's such a game of chance, you would never know how your final score would end up.   Dependent upon which list you look at, Yahtzee is in the top 15 best board games of all time, as ranked by users at ranker.com.  It continues to sell well, landing at #35 … [Read more...]

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