Parental Advice Before Giving Your Child a Phone

giving your child a phone

  Thinking of giving your child a phone?  What should you know before your child first turns on his/her phone for the first time? We liken a child's first cellphone to driving for the first time.  Educating your child  and giving him/her limits before s/he starts using a cellphone (or driving) is important … [Read more...]

Find Your Lost Things (or People) with Tile!

find your lost things

  This is possibly the most excited I have been about a review all year.  Every single day my husband and I ask each other, "Hey, where are the keys?"  It seems like we are constantly running kids around and have a bad habit of just dropping the keys down where ever they land.  They could be on the desk, the ottoman, the … [Read more...]

How To Handle Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying Main

  Since October is National Bullying Prevention Month, we wanted to cover cyberbullying, which, unfortunately, is a growing trend on the Internet, fueled by social media. Last month we discussed the need for parents to monitor their kids' phones.  Digital monitoring should be an ongoing responsibility of all parents; … [Read more...]

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