Streaming Tivo on Your Android Tablet!

streaming Tivo

I am so excited to announce that Tivo is now streaming on Android devices (Android 4.1 or later, non-Intel or AMD chipset).  Yeah!  Previously, you could access your Tivo box using the Tivo app to record new shows, delete shows from your queue, and see what's on TV, but you couldn't watch shows from your Tivo on your Android devices...only on your … [Read more...]

Win a Phone and Tablet Combo! Meet the ASUS PadFone X Mini


  Devices and more devices! In this age of electronics, my family has way too many electronic devices! They all serve a different purpose and therefore are for the most part necessary but they definitely start accumulating. We have a laptop for those things that we can’t do on our tablets, we have tablets for every day stuff and we have … [Read more...]

Quandary App – Designed to Teach Kids Problem Solving Skills

Quandary app

    My 11-year-ld daughter and I have been playing a different kind of game lately, it's an app called Quandary.  It's designed to teach and practice skills...no, not skills like mathematics, reading, social studies, etc.  The Quandary app (and website) is designed to help kids develop critical thinking, decision making, and … [Read more...]

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