Phone Memory Full? 3 Ways to Increase Phone Storage

  Smartphones allow you to always have a camera with you.  We can capture moments we never could before and as a result, we are taking up to thousands of pictures a year and keeping them in our phone storage.  By the end of 2016, it is estimated over 1,138 trillion photos will be taken this year.  In 2013, total photos … [Read more...]

Relive Your Stored Vacation Photos with VidMob!

Do you love photos?  Do you snap pictures and video with your phone everywhere you go?  Then I can imagine just how many photos you take while you're on vacation.  When you're on vacation, your mind is freed up more and you see all sorts of moments and memories you want to capture to save forever. For me, it's not uncommon to come … [Read more...]

The Perfect Selfie Stick

Selfies are growing up.  Now, it's not enough to just take a picture of yourself, but your family or friends too!  But getting everyone in the shot is tough, your arm just isn't long enough!  And even if you do get everyone in the picture, forget trying to show the scenery behind you! Beginning in 2007, XShot built their entire … [Read more...]

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