Straight Talk: Just How Much Data is 3GB?

how much data is 3GB

  In our first article, Do Affordable Phone Plans Work, we introduced Straight Talk and their 3 main no-contract monthly plans.  As a Straight Talk Tester*, I have been enjoying testing out my Straight Talk iPhone around town here in Southern California and seeing which parts of my city have 3 circles (bars on other mobile plans) or more. … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Feet Warm with Heated Insoles

Warm toes! Heated Insoles

    I'll never forget the time I checked off "Skate in Rockefeller Center" from my bucket list.  I skated with my 9 year-old daughter and it was like a dream.  With the giant multi-colored magnificent Christmas tree above us and the gleaming of the bronze gilded statue of Titan Prometheus ahead of us, we didn't want the night to … [Read more...]

What is the Right Mobile Data Plan for You and Your Family?

Mobile Data Plan - What is Mobile Data

by Lori Cunningham   Are you puzzled as to which mobile data plan is right for you?  Do you need a 10GB/mo mobile data plan or will 2.5GB mobile data plan be enough?  What about for your family?  How do you know what mobile data plan is right for all of you? Basically, it comes down to video usage.  Do you watch YouTube or Netflix a lot … [Read more...]

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