A Two-Way Intercom Security Cam Keeps You Connected

  We have reviewed a number of really good home security devices before, but the Piper security cam is the first one that incorporates a two-way intercom.  Just picture it, you can see what's going on in your family room live...and talk to your kids, pets, aging parents, etc. from your phone from afar.  Now that's pretty … [Read more...]

Who Will You Vote For? Resources for an Informed Choice.

  Election day is nearing...we take to the polls on Tuesday, November 8th.  I have to say, this has been one of the most controversial and, do I dare say, entertaining election I have ever seen.  It's part WWF, part circus, and part The Terminator...and mud-slinging at it's best! Having a billionaire "non-politician" in the … [Read more...]

A Family Mobile Scanner for Preserving Memories

  Both of my parents are now gone.  My Dad passed away nearly 20 years ago and my Mom almost 4 years ago now.  I miss their phone calls, the concern they had for me, learning about my ancestors, and hearing their voices.   I remember when my brother joked with me, "we're orphans now."  Though I'm sad that I have … [Read more...]

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