CES 2015: 5 Great Gadgets for Moms

Moms do their best everyday to provide comfort, safety, and care for their families.  Moms can't do it all alone.  There are more gadgets than every before to help moms navigate obstacles and provide comfort, but with so many on the market, it's nearly impossible to know what's out there. Every year when we visit the Consumer Electronics Show … [Read more...]

The Beauty of the Mom 2.0 Summit

  I just returned from my first Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta.  Through my participation in the Walmart Moms program, Dove invited me to attend Mom 2.0 as their guest, taking care of my ticket, lodging and transportation.  Dove was the Title Sponsor of the conference and they put a touch of elegance and relational beauty to the conference I … [Read more...]

BlogHer 2013 in Pictures

by Lori Cunningham   Every year I attend the BlogHer conference (see 2012, 2011), which is a conference focused on female bloggers to hone their craft with regards to running their blog, choosing the best tools, figuring out the myriad of advertising options, or even speak about their experiences so other bloggers can learn.  The … [Read more...]

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