BlogHer 2013 in Pictures


by Lori Cunningham   Every year I attend the BlogHer conference (see 2012, 2011), which is a conference focused on female bloggers to hone their craft with regards to running their blog, choosing the best tools, figuring out the myriad of advertising options, or even speak about their experiences so other bloggers can learn.  The … [Read more...]

A Big Thanks to Qualcomm at E3!

E3 2013 (16)

by Lori Cunningham     Meet James.  James was my personal assistant while trekking around the E3 video games show here in Los Angeles.  Qualcomm knows how hard it is to go into the trenches and search out what you're looking for at a trade show while schlepping all your stuff around.  James waited on me hand and foot to assist me with … [Read more...]

E3 Video Game Trade Show in Pictures 2013

E3 2013 (4)

by Lori Cunningham   What a fun week I had last week!  The biggest video gaming convention in the US, E3, was held here in Los Angeles at the Convention Center.  This year, both PlayStation and Microsoft have made announcements of their latest and greatest consoles, the PlayStation 4 and XBOX One.  Interestingly enough, both companies focused … [Read more...]

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