Track Your Family’s Devices with Centralized Charging

centralized charging

    Where do you charge your phone each day/night?  In the kitchen?  By your bedside?  In your office?  What about your husband's phone?  Your kids' phones/tablets?  Wouldn't be nice to have once place to charge everyone's devices?  Typically this won't work because there are not enough plugs.   Why a Centralized Charging Station … [Read more...]

iDeaPLAY Kid Safe Tablet, Approved by This Mom

kid safe tablet

By Jamie Wiersma My kids love playing on our family tablet (an iPad 2). With a family of 5, it seems like most times our tablet is being used by someone – whether it be the adults checking email, Facebook, etc., the kids doing homework or just playing a game. Many times we have to put a time limit on the kids so that there is no fighting and so … [Read more...]

How to Digitize Your DVD Library

digitize your DVD library

  How many DVD's do you in have in your DVD library?  10? 30? 100?  500? If you're like most Americans,  you have a good number of them.  When I googled what the average is, WikiAnswers says there are 43 DVDs in an average household's DVD Library.  People have a mixture of SD DVD's and Blu-ray DVD's.   According to Nielsen, in 2009, 88% of … [Read more...]

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