Find Your Lost Things (or People) with Tile!

find your lost things

  This is possibly the most excited I have been about a review all year.  Every single day my husband and I ask each other, "Hey, where are the keys?"  It seems like we are constantly running kids around and have a bad habit of just dropping the keys down where ever they land.  They could be on the desk, the ottoman, the … [Read more...]

Keep your Children Safe with the Fable Kids Tablet!

kids tablet

    The Fable kids tablet is strong and durable, even for the youngest techie.  Fable creates a safe environment where children can color, draw, read a book, take photos and share their creations.  One feature with the Fable kids tablet sticks out from its competitors is that Fable allows a parent to set up … [Read more...]

10 Ways Tablets Help Students + Giveaway

ways tablets help students

We have used many types and sizes of tablets in our family.  Although none of my kids have their "own" tablet, tablets are freely available to use downstairs once homework is done. I recently went to my daughter's Back-to-School night at her new junior high school.  Her science teacher mentioned that tablets are allowed in the … [Read more...]

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