Shocking! How We Use Our Smartphones!

  A Little History Before we show you how we use our smartphones, we want to give you a little smartphone history.  You're familiar with the name Tesla...Tesla cars were first debuted by Elon Musk in 2012.  Ever wonder where Musk got the name Tesla?  Nikola Tesla conceptualized telephony and computing way back in … [Read more...]

Acer Cloudbook – An Affordable Laptop for Your Aspiring Student

    My son's school recently sent home a notice telling us that my son now has access to Microsoft Office Online.  In fact, every kid in his elementary school not only have access to PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, and Sway, but also a new email account.  Sweet! My son has been learning Word and PowerPoint on my … [Read more...]

Power in a Snap – Decluttering Your Outlets

  Decluttering Your Outlets I am always looking for things that will help de-clutter and simplify my life. We have a ton of electronic devices around the house and there are just as many cords to go with them making a mess out of my kitchen counter. In addition to the cords, there is also a power supply that goes with many of them. In … [Read more...]

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