A Great Solution for Kids Night Lights

  Being a busy mom of a family of five, I am always looking for gadgets that will upgrade our home while also keeping things simple. If it cuts down on the clutter, even better! Last year, The Well Connected Mom covered a great company called SnapPower when we reviewed their USB Charger and GuideLight.  Both of these … [Read more...]

Trouble Sleeping? What To Use To Fall Asleep

  Do you or someone in your family have trouble trying to fall asleep?  Have you spent endless nights wishing you could fall asleep while you watch the minutes and hours tick away? I know what it feels like.  After my Mom passed away 4 years ago, I began having trouble trying to fall asleep for over a year.  I'd wake up … [Read more...]

Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts for Moms

   It's that time again...Valentine's Day is coming up!  Moms love flowers, candy, and romance but unfortunately, these gifts are just temporary.  Moms are also practical and there are lots of great Valentine's Day gifts out there that can have a lasting effect on Mom as she goes about her day, multitasking, working, and caring … [Read more...]

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