Family Fun Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb

secret of the tomb

Our family LOVES the Night at the Museum movie series.  When the latest movie, Night at the Museum - Secret of the Tomb came out, we were all over it.  To make the night extra special, we decided to take our kids to the drive-in to see it.  It was a bit squishy in the back of our Ford Explorer, but we adjusted.  We loved every bit of the … [Read more...]

How Do You Celebrate Easter?

night before Easter

Easter is right around the corner!  April 5th.  It seems like just yesterday we were setting up our New Year's resolutions...time sure moves quickly.  Easter, like Christmas, celebrates a poignant time in history.  It is the most important celebration of Christian history with Jesus becoming the ransom for many through His death on the … [Read more...]

Xbox One Fun

Xbox One Fun

Are you up for some Xbox One fun???  We are big Xbox fans, we have the original Xbox, an Xbox 360, and now the Xbox One.  When Xbox moves up, we move up.  Xbox One has been out now for a year and Microsoft has been continuously upgrading the software to ensure their players are enjoying the experience.  So if you didn't buy Xbox One last year, you … [Read more...]

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