Xbox One Fun

Xbox One Fun

Are you up for some Xbox One fun???  We are big Xbox fans, we have the original Xbox, an Xbox 360, and now the Xbox One.  When Xbox moves up, we move up.  Xbox One has been out now for a year and Microsoft has been continuously upgrading the software to ensure their players are enjoying the experience.  So if you didn't buy Xbox One last year, you … [Read more...]

Why the Kindle Fire HDX Tablet is Right for Your Family

Kindle Fire HDX

With so many tablet choices out there, how do you choose the best one for your family?  We have seen and used a wide variety of tablets and the most important thing to remember is to go with a name brand.  There are a number of cheaper choices available now from companies we have never heard of before.  Our experience with these cheaper choices has … [Read more...]

Shooting Family Fun with the ion Action Camera

ion Action Camera

  Action cameras are all the rage.  I remember watching the recent Winter Olympics and being amazed at the footage on Kelly Clark as she expertly snowboarded the daunting half pipe run.  She had an action camera on her helmet and I felt my adrenaline pump as she pivoted each diagonal turn.  When she fell, I fell, though it didn't hurt … [Read more...]

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