Getting Ready for the Oscars with VUDU


The Oscars are coming...this Sunday, February 22nd!  Did you have a chance to see all the nominated movies and actors from last year's top movies?  As a Netflix streaming subscriber, I can tell you that none of them are available there.  We were lucky enough one day to get How to Train a Dragon 2 from Redbox, but most Oscar nominee movies are hard … [Read more...]

Walmart Savings Catcher, You’re Gonna Love This!

Walmart Savings Catcher

8/20/14 UPDATE:  I've now saved a total of $17.88!  I love Savings Catcher! As one of the Walmart Moms, I find myself shopping at Walmart all the time.  I consider myself a thrifty, or shall I say savvy shopper, so buying my groceries at Walmart is in line with my shopping style.  Walmart strives to bring the masses everyday low pricing...and … [Read more...]

Celebrate Your Hero on the Wall of Honor for Veterans

Wall of Honor for Veterans

    Veteran's Day is coming up on Monday, November 11th.  My kids are still young that although they understand what Veteran's Day is, to them, it mostly means a day off from school.  At ages 7 and 10, I think it's time  for Veteran's Day to hold more value in their minds.  Veteran's Day marks the end of World War I, which ended … [Read more...]

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