Summer Camp or Summer of Minecraft Camp?

          It's time to begin thinking about Summer Camp.  April and early May is the time to sign up your children in Summer Camp before camps are all filled up.  I always have a hard time signing my kids up for camp.  I never know when we will be home for Summer, as we haven't begun planning our … [Read more...]

Power in a Snap – Decluttering Your Outlets

  Decluttering Your Outlets I am always looking for things that will help de-clutter and simplify my life. We have a ton of electronic devices around the house and there are just as many cords to go with them making a mess out of my kitchen counter. In addition to the cords, there is also a power supply that goes with many of them. In … [Read more...]

Why You Need a Personal Webpage

photo credit: via photopin (license)   Why do you need a personal webpage?  Afterall, webpages are for businesses, right?  Yes, businesses need a webpage but more and more people are getting a personal webpage.  Why?  To give off the right first impression in a world consumed with searching online.   A … [Read more...]

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