Are You Taking the Right Vitamins?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not up-to-speed on which vitamins I should be taking.  Doesn't a multi-vitamin take care of it all?  But if you think of it, how can one multi-vitamin take care of all the needs of a person who is pregnant, versus one who is nursing, versus one who is pre-menopausal, versus one who is menopausal?  Or how about … [Read more...]

Earning Money While You Surf with Qmee

  Getting paid for your daily searching has been around for a while.   There are a lot of companies who do it but many are unscrupulous, scanning your searches to serve you up more ads or collecting personal information to sell to advertisers.  I have never participated in these programs...until now.  There's a new search income company … [Read more...]

Crowdfunding: What’s It All About?

Here at WellConnectedMom.com, everyday we have the privilege of catching glimpses of up-and-coming technology and gadgets that hope to make it big in the marketplace.  Technology is the hotbed of innovation and can help solve many needs...if its production and marketing are executed correctly.  But there are so many inventors and companies with … [Read more...]

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