Earning Money While You Surf with Qmee

  Getting paid for your daily searching has been around for a while.   There are a lot of companies who do it but many are unscrupulous, scanning your searches to serve you up more ads or collecting personal information to sell to advertisers.  I have never participated in these programs...until now.  There's a new search income company called Qmee, who values your privacy, does not collect personal information, and is straight-forward … [Read More]


Grilling Safe this Memorial Day

I remember when digital meat thermometers first came out.  Digital meat thermometers allow you to insert a probe into your food while on the grill, to check the internal temperature of your meat.  I love it, it takes all the guess-work out of whether your meat is ready to take off the grill or not.  I couldn't wait to get one for my husband, but he declined.  He said grilling is an art and he had no interest in cheating his system. Hmmm, … [Read More]

digital meat thermometer

Sharing is Easy with the SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive

  One of our favorite devices we reviewed last Summer was the SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive that we highlighted in our article, 10 Family Tech Tools for the Open Road.  It's a flash drive that you can store your pictures, videos, and music on and through its own hotspot, you can connect up to 6 mobile devices to stream or view the data from the drive. This year, we are reviewing the SanDisk Connect Wireless Media drive which … [Read More]

SanDisk Connect


LightUp Edison Kit

LightUp Possibilities in Your Child’s Mind

The LightUp Edison Kit enlightens kids’ minds on how circuits work in a safe play environment using augmented reality to view energy currents using an app.

Monster sound

Small Bluetooth Speaker, Monster Sound

Get Monster sound from the SuperStar Bluetooth Wireless speaker – very pocketable and fills the room/outside with great sounding music.

Nerf Rebelle

Family Fun with the Girls Nerf Rebelle

Amp up your family fun nights with the Nerf Rebelle Powerbelle Blaster. With automatic shooting, girls show their prowess by shooting 10 bullets at a time!

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Backblaze Main

Are Your Photos Protected?

Still asking yourself when am I going to finally back-up my computer? We found a reasonable online solution that gives you peace of mind.

HP Stream

Join us for a HP Stream Twitter Party! Weds. 1pm PST

Join us for a HP Stream Twitter party this Weds. from 1pm-2pm. We’ll watch a live demo of the HP Stream Notebook and give out $200 in Walmart gift cards!

Is a low cost laptop worth it?

Is a Low Price Laptop Worth It?

Your student is headed off to college but your budget is taxed. Is a low price laptop worth it? Will it be the workhorse your child needs? Find out.

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5 Surprising Benefits of the New Apple Watches

Apple Watches

Apple's new Apple Watches just became available through pre-ordering last month.  Over 957,000 people bought an Apple watch, with the average order totaling $503.83*.  According to e-receipt data, 62% bought the cheaper Sport model and of all Apple Watch buyers, 72% had purchased an Apple product in the last 24 months. With pre-order sales … [Read more...]

LightUp Possibilities in Your Child’s Mind

LightUp Edison Kit

We are excited to tell you about a hands-on STEM learning engineering toy, the LightUp Edison Kit.  As you know, we are big fans of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) products for kids at WellConnectedMom.  Anything that helps kids better understand how any of these subject areas can actually be fun and thought-provoking are an A+ … [Read more...]

Small Bluetooth Speaker, Monster Sound

Monster sound

Monster's new SuperStar Bluetooth speaker is touted as the world's smallest audiophile speaker.  Basically, this means that those of us who demand high-fidelity sound (audiophiles), will be impressed.  If you're looking for Monster sound, the SuperStar is the wireless speaker for you. It's always fun reviewing a speaker or music … [Read more...]

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