Dorm Tech Hacks – Amp Up the Experience!

  Last month, we wrote about some great gadgets in our Back-to-School Guide for high school students and college students.  I recently saw a picture on Facebook of my friend's freshmen son's desk in his … [Read More]

dorm tech hacks

Turn Your Phone Into A Mobile Microscope!

  I bought one of those toy microscopes for my kids before, you know the one that comes in a kit with a telescope too?  I thought it would be fun to explore the 'underground" of the world we see through a … [Read More]

uHandy mobile microscope

A Family Mobile Scanner for Preserving Memories

  Both of my parents are now gone.  My Dad passed away nearly 20 years ago and my Mom almost 4 years ago now.  I miss their phone calls, the concern they had for me, learning about my ancestors, and … [Read More]

Family Mobile Scanner


Dorm Tech Hacks – Amp Up the Experience!

Looking for some dorm tech hacks to tech-up your college student’s dorm? We’ve got a few good ones that make using and storing tech handy.

Turn Your Phone Into A Mobile Microscope!

Take the science lab outdoors with uHandy’s mobile microscope that fastens to your phone and shows you nature and microorganisms up to 200 x’s their size!

Should Moms be on Snapchat?

Should moms be on Snapchat? Absolutely. You are missing out on bonding moments with your t(w)een and an opportunity to learn about Snapchat together.

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The YOGA 900S Laptop, SuperThin at 1/2 in Thick!

The Lenovo YOGA 900S laptop weighs only 2.2lbs. It is so thin and lightweight, you’ll find yourself taking it everywhere with you!

The Difference Between the Windows vs Mac

Windows vs Mac? Which one is best suited for your family? Learn more about the differences between these two popular PC’s.

The Mobile Success Behind TOMS Shoes

A TOMS customer gets to visit the child who received a free pair of TOMS shoes from the customer’s purchase. AT&T is the mobile backbone of TOMS.

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Should Moms be on Snapchat?

  Is your daughter or son already on Snapchat?  Snapchat is widely popular with young people.  Check out these Snapchat statistics (1, 2):  Over 100 million users  More than half of Snapchatters are female  75% of Snapchatters are under 25 years old  A majority of users from the US, though it has … [Read more...]

Bringing Disney’s Stories to Life in the Enchanted Tales App

  Are you a Disney fan?  Do you know all of the Disney princess' names?  Don't you just love the Disney stories?  Disney is constantly working on ways to make their characters come alive so Disney followers can interact with their favorite characters.     Last week we were invited to attend a tea party, … [Read more...]

Triby, Your New Family Communication Center

  While at CES, I came across a device that intrigued me called Triby.  Triby is a family communication center device with strong magnets that hangs on your refrigerator.  Triby is unlike anything I've seen before, it's unique and it continues to innovate with valuable features to make Triby a valuable family … [Read more...]

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