iExpand Your iPhone’s Storage

Do you wish you had more space on your iPhone?  Do you find yourself needing to transfer files to your PC in order to have enough space for a new app or to take more pictures?  This is such a chore and who remembers how to do transfer things anyways? Sandisk has come out with their  iXpand Flash Drive to making transferring pictures and videos between your iPhone, iPad, Mac and or PC easier.  Connect the SanDisk iXpand to your iPhone or iPad … [Read More]


Trackers: Fitbit Charge HR vs VivoSmart

  Is There Really a Difference Between Activity Trackers? Summer is here!  That means tank tops, shorts, and swim suits.  Fitness trackers are a great way to help you meet your summer time fitness goals.  However, there are so many fitness trackers on the market today, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you.  Recently, I tried out the Fitbit Charge HR and the VivoSmart by Garmin.  Both are high quality devices with … [Read More]


SunFriend Helps you Manage your Sun Exposure!

We have all been warned about the dangers of sun exposure, but sometimes we don't hear about the health advantages of daily optimal sun exposure. Vitamin D deficiency is a growing epidemic in America.  The question then remains, how can we get the health benefits of the sun without exposing ourselves, and our families, to the increased risk of skin cancer?  The SunFriend monitor helps us track UVA+B rays customizable to your own skin … [Read More]




SunFriend Helps you Manage your Sun Exposure!

SunFriend allows you to optimize your time in the sun to reap the benefits of sun health, while warning you to cover up before over-exposure.

iBaby M6

Keep Careful Watch over Your Baby with iBaby M6

The iBaby M6 Monitor is the ultimate baby monitor that allow you to see baby in HD day or night, watch and speak to him/her remotely, and play lullabies.

baby monitor

How to Choose A Baby Monitor

Not sure which features of a baby monitor would best suit your needs? Concerned about privacy and interference? See our baby monitor guide before you buy.

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Backblaze Main

Are Your Photos Protected?

Still asking yourself when am I going to finally back-up my computer? We found a reasonable online solution that gives you peace of mind.

HP Stream

Join us for a HP Stream Twitter Party! Weds. 1pm PST

Join us for a HP Stream Twitter party this Weds. from 1pm-2pm. We’ll watch a live demo of the HP Stream Notebook and give out $200 in Walmart gift cards!

Is a low cost laptop worth it?

Is a Low Price Laptop Worth It?

Your student is headed off to college but your budget is taxed. Is a low price laptop worth it? Will it be the workhorse your child needs? Find out.

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Tech Traveling with A Hedgren Tote

Hedgren tote

I'm easy to spot at an airport or blogger meeting.  I'm usually the one with a CES (Consumer Electronics Show) black and fluorescent green backpack slung over my shoulder.  I love this backpack, it has a pocket for everything! But there are 2 things that I don't like about it. 1.)  It doesn't look too stylish and 2.) It doesn't stay well on my … [Read more...]

Keep Careful Watch over Your Baby with iBaby M6

iBaby M6

Last week we published an article on How to Choose A Baby Monitor.  It included all the bootcamp basics you need to know to buy the right baby monitor for your needs. After writing the guide, we had the opportunity to test out the new iBaby Monitor M6 .  The M6 is iBaby's top-of-the-line monitor and can be classified, according to our How to … [Read more...]

WeMo Makes Home Automation Simple!


  WeMo, by Belkin, makes home automation a breeze!  They offer a suite of products for home automation and the process could not be more simple. I recently had the opportunity to try out two of their products, the LED Lighting Starter Set and the Insight Switch.  Both were impressive pieces of technology that can help you cut down on … [Read more...]

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