The Online School Option for High School

         The non-traditional school is growing across the United States. In California, where I live, there are over 189,000 kids currently enrolled in some type of homeschool or … [Read More]

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This Portable Speaker Rocks Our Pool Parties!

  Portable Speaker, Big Sound! Nyne (pronounced like the number nine) has come out with a line of rugged portable speakers that won't disappoint.  The Rock portable speaker boasts 65 watts of power, 2 … [Read More]

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5 Great Gadgets for Moms on Mother’s Day 2017

  Mother's Day is Coming! Mother's Day is May 14th.  Whether you are a mom or are trying to come up with ideas of what to get your mom for Mother's Day, we have a few ideas for you.  Most of these gifts … [Read More]

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The Online School Option for High School

Look for a different high school option for your teen? Connections Academy is an online school that prepares your student for success.

This Kids Alarm Clock Makes Your Child A Pixel Artist

Looking for a fun kids alarm clock that will unlock your child’s inner artist? The Timebox clock can make your child a pixel artist and displays his/her art

Make Dumb Speakers Smart To Stream Music

Want to stream music around the house? Chromecast Audio turns your “dumb” speakers into WiFi-enabled, controllable speakers. Play music everywhere for less.

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A Great Solution for Kids Night Lights

Need a better kids night lights solution? The new LightSwitch allows you to easily replace your current light switch plate with a built-in night light.

Trouble Sleeping? What To Use To Fall Asleep

Can’t fall asleep at night? Too much on your mind? 2breathe teaches you to calm your racing mind and just breathe. It’s like having a personal sleep coach.

Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts for Moms

   It’s that time again…Valentine’s Day is coming up!  Moms love flowers, candy, and romance but unfortunately, these gifts are just temporary.  Moms are also practical and there are lots of great Valentine’s Day gifts out there that can have a lasting effect on Mom as she goes about her day, multitasking, working, and caring […]

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Windows 7 Review: Media Center

  Part One of a Three Part Series on the Benefits of Windows 7  I recently hosted a Windows 7 house party to show the new features and benefits of the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.  As Windows 7 has just launched, there is a lot of buzz around it.  All new computers are either bundled with Windows 7 or there is a promise to give you a … [Read more...]

Windows 7 House Party – Updated

 UPDATED FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th      Preparing for the Windows 7 Party took some time - however, most of it involved the install of Windows 7.  I was not able to upgrade from Vista due to an error I kept getting about not all of my files being on the same partition.  This was inaccurate, but there was no getting around it.  I was forced to do a clean … [Read more...]

Personalized Radio: Where You're the DJ…. And it's Free!

    Wouldn't you love to create your own radio station where you choose the music for a change?  Ipods are perfect for this but sometimes it's nice to have a little variety and a surprise as to what song is coming next.  Pandora Internet Radio might be just what you're looking for.  Pandora Radio is the largest online music website with nearly … [Read more...]

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