Vacuvita: A Vacuum Seal for Food Freshness

Food saver Last month we introduced you to the Vacuvita vacuum seal system.  It's new on the market and a great way to preserve your food for a longer period of time.   Why is a vacuum sealer important? … [Read More]

vacuum seal

How To Maintain a Healthy Weight

  Watching one's weight is a common problem for most Americans.  The United States ranks 12th on this chart of the most obese countries.   More than 25% of US adults are obese and another 34% … [Read More]

healthy weight

Sleepless Nights? An Easy Way to Monitor Your Sleep

      At many times during a mother's lifetime, sleepless and being a mom are nearly synonymous.     Whether it's listening to ensure you newborn baby is still baby, wishing your older baby … [Read More]



Make Dumb Speakers Smart To Stream Music

Want to stream music around the house? Chromecast Audio turns your “dumb” speakers into WiFi-enabled, controllable speakers. Play music everywhere for less.

STEM Education at Home with Itty Bitty City

Itty Bitty City uses mCookies to help kids learn cause-and-effect between toys and coding. Eight projects stimulate a child’s curiosity and imagination.e

Kids Create Their Own Skylander Games Characters

Every year the Skylander games get more innovative. This year? Kids can actually create their own Skylander characters and use them again and again.

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A Great Solution for Kids Night Lights

Need a better kids night lights solution? The new LightSwitch allows you to easily replace your current light switch plate with a built-in night light.

Trouble Sleeping? What To Use To Fall Asleep

Can’t fall asleep at night? Too much on your mind? 2breathe teaches you to calm your racing mind and just breathe. It’s like having a personal sleep coach.

Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts for Moms

   It’s that time again…Valentine’s Day is coming up!  Moms love flowers, candy, and romance but unfortunately, these gifts are just temporary.  Moms are also practical and there are lots of great Valentine’s Day gifts out there that can have a lasting effect on Mom as she goes about her day, multitasking, working, and caring […]

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eBooks Review: Wizz-e.com

In my previous post on online eBooks, I discussed the benefits of reading and including eBooks as another method to enhance a child's reading time and further elevate reading as a fun and engaging time to learn.   In preparing for this post, I visited several free online eBooks websites to see what is currently available.   For the most part, the  … [Read more...]

Kids Online eBooks: Don't Overlook Their Importance

Importance of Reading Reading to your child is one of the most important things you can do to prepare your child for school. The foundation for instilling early learning success begins as a baby. The sooner you begin reading regularly to your baby the better off s/he will be.  Reading to your baby helps in the following ways:      o  develops a … [Read more...]

Front Loading Washer & Dryers: Is it Time to Upgrade?

For the past five years or so, high efficiency  (H.E.) front loading washers have been all the rage.  Not only do they look neat with all the digital features, they're cool with new colors - red, blue, silver -- never seen before in our hum-drum laundry rooms.  Things are looking up! As a technology lover, I figured it must be time to upgrade, … [Read more...]

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