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WellConnectedMom.com is involved with numerous corporate ambassadorships and trips.  See Recent Press for WellConnectedMom.com mentions in the press.  Contact Lori@WellConnectedMom.com for more information or to request consideration for your event/project.






WM Mom Badge

Walmart Mom

One of 25 Moms


October 2013 to Present


Lenovo Mom Ambassador

October 2013 to Present



Netflix Stream Team

2013 to Present




Ubisoft Champ

Ambassador/Champ 2012 – 2013






Forward with Ford 2013

Ford Headquarters, June 24-26, 2013 – Dearborn, MI

Articles written:


Go Further with Ford Conference 2012

Ford Headquarters,  June 26-28, 2012 – Dearborn, MI

Surburia, A Thing of the Past?Car of Tomorrow 2011World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems, October 20, 2011 – Orlando, FLArticles written:

 Ford – Car of  Tomorrow

Ford Offers Free Driving Skills for Life Courses



Forward with Ford  2011

Ford Headquarters, June 21 – 23, 2011 – Dearborn, MI

Articles written:

Forward with Ford – Three Days in Detroit

Forward with Ford – Safety for All Ages

5 Tips When Talking to Your Teens About Car Safety

Protecting Children and the Elderly in a Car Crash



Sony PlayStation 

Ambassador,  October 2011 to Present

Sony Computer Entertainment America Headquarters, November 13-14, 2011

Articles written:

Visit to PlayStation Headquarters 

Why A PlayStation 3?




Lion King 3D Premiere,  August 25-27, 2011 – Beverly Hills, CA

Articles written:

Disney’s Lion King 3D Premiere Mom Blogger Event

Lion King 3D Premieres at El Capitan Theater

Disney Lion King 3D Mom Blogger Event:  Behind the Scenes




Upgrade Your Life

Intel Headquarters, July 12-14, 2011 – Santa Clara, CA

Articles written:

Inside Intel:  Upgrade Your Life Visit



SmartSquad Ambassador at theWellConnectedHome.com

May 2011 to Present






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