What to Do with the Samsung Note 8

  The newest Samsung Note 8 just came out.  Although I skipped the Note 7, I have been an avid Samsung Note 8 for years...since the Note 3.  Samsung broke all the screen barriers with its new Samsung Note series in December 2011 and its 5.3 inches "monster" sized screen.  Many scoffed at its large "phablet" size. But the … [Read more...]

How to Strengthen Your Cellphone Coverage at Home with Link2Cell & Giveaway

    Do you find that your cellphone works great everywhere else...except throughout your home?  Is there one or two good spots for cellphone reception, but the rest of the house is a dead zone?  Have you missed calls before because you are in the kitchen and your cellphone is in the office?  Or you keep your cellphone in your … [Read more...]

Android HTC EVO vs.the iPhone

by Kim Bowser  Editor’s Note:  If you’re not a current subscriber, now’s the time to do it.  We will be hosting a number of fun giveaways these next two months!  We have two going on now – check out our giveaways at the end of these articles:  Win a $99 Breville Immersion Blender and a Pressman iPieces pool table, complete with cues…for your … [Read more...]

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