Wurf Board – Great with a Standing Desk

  The newest trend in home offices and modern workspaces is the standing desk.  The benefits of a standing desk include better posture, it may reduce back pain, and you can lose 50 calories per hour more than sitting. However, standing in front of a standing desk all day can be tough on your legs and joints.  Look no further … [Read more...]

Downsize@Home – Losing Weight from Home

Home sweet home, there's nothing like it.  I have worked out at gyms over the years and really benefited from boot camps, and once had a personal trainer.  I learned how to do various exercises the right way so as to not hurt myself and gain the most resistance from each move.  But when it comes down to it, I'd prefer to workout at home.  However, … [Read more...]

Putting a Little Zumba into My Morning Routine

by Lori Cunningham (@wellconnectdmom)           Zumba has been all the rage these past many years.  I had never tried it, although I know a number of friends who love it.  About 6 weeks ago, I received a copy of the game, Zumba Fitness  to try. As a PlayStation Family member, I am often trying … [Read more...]

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