Thought About the Blue Light Emitting From Your Screens?

  By now you've probably heard of blue light that is emitted from the screens we are constantly glued to.  It comes from our phones, tablets, PC's, even our TV's. Screens send out strong light waves which cause eye strain, headaches, watery eyes,  blurred vision, and fatigue. The eye can perceive the entire spectrum of … [Read more...]

Give Your Eyes a Break with Gunnar Glasses

by Lori Cunningham   Now for a slight deviation from the usual tech & gadgets talk.  While at the Consumer Electronics Show, I stumbled upon a booth full of...eyeglasses?  That's odd, I thought.  Upon further investigation, I discovered that Gunnar glasses were designed especially for today's PC/Mac users.  And who doesn't use a … [Read more...]

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