10 Kid Friendly Xbox One Video Games

kid friendly Xbox One

  Parents have asked us if should they invest in the XBox One for their 8-13 aged kids?  Or should they wait until their kids are older.  A very good question.  Are there even kid friendly Xbox One games available? The newest generation of XBox brings the latest technology to gaming such as up to … [Read more...]

Kidzania: Amusement Park Where Kids Grow Up      

Kidzania London Main

  I never thought I’d say this, but both of my kids have earned a medical degree and have already performed their first surgery.  My daughter performed a kidney replacement on a patient after my son administered the anesthesia.  It was a proud moment as my husband and I looked on. How old are my children you … [Read more...]

Touchjet Projector with Interactive Projection

interactive projection

Interactive projection? It's one of those things you have to see to believe.  After a successful Indiegogo launch, Touchjet has come out with their new projector that not only projects what's on its enclosed Android operating system, but you can actually interact with the projection enabling clicking and typing!  And believe it … [Read more...]

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