Now You Can Check Your Vision at Home

  When my son was two, I had Lasik eye surgery.  Previously, my eyes were 20/200, they were terrible.  Afterward, my vision was 20/15.  I'll never forget how it felt to wake up the next morning and be able to see.  I know longer needed to reach for my glasses.  There was so much more light on the things, it was … [Read more...]

CES 2018: 5 Great Gadgets for Moms

  Another exciting year at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year.  In case you missed it, check out what we felt were the Top 5 Product Trends of CES this year, with respect to families.  Some truly fascinating things are being worked on to dramatically change our future. As a mom myself, I am always looking for gadgets for … [Read more...]

Top 5 Tech Product Trends of CES 2018

  Another week of fun after spending 7 days in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show - the mecca of current tech from all around the world.  With nearly 4,000 exhibitors throughout the convention center and spread out across the strip, trying to see everything was impossible. Perhaps you heard about one of the convention halls … [Read more...]

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